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These are the tools and platforms you need to stream.

The 2021 Digital Report prepared by Hootsuite and We are social affirms that the consumption of online video has multiplied by four in recent times . Some factors that have driven this social change are related to the pandemic, in addition to the alteration in the economy. According to this report, on average a user spends 43 minutes a day exclusively to watch videos on the Internet. And 60% do it from a mobile device because it provides ease of use and portability.

With these figures in hand, it is easy to understand why the interest in broadcasting live video has grown . We have already incorporated names like Instagram Live, YouTube Live or Twitch into our language, the latter being one of the most relevant. Do you want to start in the world of live video and you don’t really know how to do it? In this article we show you which are the essential tools for you to start your journey in the world of streaming.


Before we dive right into reviewing the best streaming applications, it’s time to clarify some concepts related to live video broadcasting. This way you will be able to identify which applications you need depending on the type of content you want to send to the network.

Live video is essentially made up of two fundamental elements. The first is the device that is responsible for recording the video and sending the live signal to the Internet. This can be a mobile phone or a laptop. Obviously, it is also possible to stream with a desktop computer to which we have connected a webcam.

And what is the second element? The broadcast platform to which the content is uploaded. There are a large number of websites that make it easy for you when it comes to broadcasting your videos live. Each one has its own characteristics that you should know before starting the broadcast. For example, Instagram Live allows you to make more personal and dynamic videos from your mobile phone. This also gives you flexibility in choosing where to broadcast from. YouTube and Twitch are platforms more focused on games and static content, although they also support broadcasting from mobile phones. Being clear about the possibilities of each of the platforms will allow you to choose the most appropriate in your case.

As we have said, the broadcast device and the platform are the two main components when it comes to doing a live show. However, there is a third that stands in the middle. We refer to the processing program . It is the one that is responsible for modifying the signal, adding effects and combining different video sources. For example, if you want to broadcast a game, a processing program will allow you to generate a signal in which the content of the game and your image appear at the same time. Again, if your intention is to create more casual content, you will not need to use this third element. It is only useful in the case that you want to do complex direct and professional tints.


Now that we have clarified how live video broadcasting works and what the key pieces are, it’s time to review the best applications that will help you create professional broadcasts.


OBS Studio is one of the most used applications to create quality streams. It comes with all the tools you need to create live montages. It helps you to superimpose one video source on another and add elements to your live shows. It is open source and completely free.


With a very complete free version, XSplit Broadcaster is a very interesting application to broadcast live videos. You should know that, unlike OBS, its advanced version is paid. However, if you want to start, with its free mode you will be more than covered.


StreamYard is the best way to broadcast your streams in a wide variety of services from one place. Simply connect your application with Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Twitch. When broadcasting through StreamYard, the signal is sent live to your favorite social profiles.


Zoom is a video conferencing application that you can connect to Facebook or YouTube. In this way, it is possible to broadcast your presentations to the whole world. It is also possible to combine it with OSB Studio and use the Zoom signal in a live show. The possibilities are vast.


Crowdcast is a well-known platform for broadcasting professional classes and video conferences. In addition to the live video broadcast, it has a chat that will help you connect with your viewers. In it you can ask questions and surveys. This software is paid and is clearly focused on teaching tasks.


All the software that we have mentioned so far is ideal for uploading your live videos to the Internet with good quality. But what are the most recommended platforms to do it?


YouTube is the video platform par excellence. It is true that most of the content uploaded to the Google platform is edited and delayed. However, YouTube also has a section of live videos that you will love. Live broadcasts generally rank highly in searches. Youtube streams can be started from your computer or mobile.

need to stream


Instagram is mainly focused on the mobile experience. Its direct tool allows you to broadcast from anywhere just by installing its application for Android and iOS. In this case, your content does not require editing. All you have to do is hold your mobile phone and connect with your followers. 


It is owned by Amazon. In recent times it has acquired relevance, especially in the broadcast of video game games. Twitch has attracted the interest of the main youtubers , who have put content editing aside a bit to start broadcasting live. Whether you want to share your games or any other content, Twitch is a good place to start. We recommend that you use a processing tool in this case so that the results are professional.

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