A secret Telegram update has been released. It is not available to everyone

Telegram 8.4

Telegram developers have released a test messenger Telegram update. It is numbered 8.4 and is available on iOS for those who take part in the Telegram testing on the TestFlight platform .

What’s new in the Telegram update beta version of Telegram 8.4 on iOS:

  •  Reactions to messages. You can leave one of 11 reactions (they are available by double clicking on the message).
  •  Formatting text to hide information. Spoilers allow you to hide text behind noise animations, and clicking on a message allows you to see hidden information.
  •  Message translator. Thanks to a new option in iOS 15, you can use Telegram to translate selected text from different languages ​​into your native language.
  •  Updated QR codes. Now you can generate QR codes for public groups, channels and users. 
  •  Snow chatting. To turn it on, you need to make 7-10 clicks on the gear and turn on the Snow item.

After some testing, these innovations should appear in stable Telegram builds on all supported platforms (although translation of the selected text is likely to remain exclusive to iOS).

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