differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

Innovation that doesn’t exist? All the differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8 (we tried to find them)

The 9th generation iPad is Apple’s most controversial new product this fall.

The tablet does not differ from its predecessor visually, and in terms of characteristics it does not make a breakthrough – the screen parameters are the same, the connector is still Lightning, and the processor is not the most perfect one that Apple has. 

We studied the characteristics of the last two generations of iPad ( differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8 ). Decide whether it is worth upgrading from the 8th generation to the 9th and whether you can save money by not taking the newest device, but an older one. 

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Design differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

In terms of body parameters, the tablets almost do not differ from each other. The dimensions of the 9th generation iPad are 250.6 x 174.1 x 7.5mm, which is exactly the same as its predecessor. 

In terms of weight, there are minimal differences between the models – the latter is a couple of grams heavier: the 9th generation iPad without the LTE module – 490 g, with it – 495 g, the predecessor – 487 and 498 g, respectively. 

The 9th generation iPad has two color options – Silver and Space Gray. The predecessor had three possible body colors – rose gold, silver, and space gray. 

Screen differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

The screen also did not change in basic parameters. 10.2-inch diagonal, LED backlit and IPS technology, there is support for Multi-Touch gestures, a resolution of 2160 × 1620 pixels, a density of 264 pixels per inch, brightness up to 500 cd / m², oleophobic coating – these options are available on the iPad and the 9th , and 8th generations. 

differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

At the same time, the latest generation has innovations. The display covers the entire sRGB color gamut here, and there is support for True Tone. The color will be more accurate and natural. 

The display still does not occupy the entire front panel – the frame is wide, like in the previous generation, and the Home button is located below the screen. 


The 9th generation iPad is powered by the A13 Bionic processor, while the 8th generation iPad is powered by the A12 Bionic. Apple says the next-generation tablet’s processing speed is 20% faster than its predecessor. 

iPad 9th generation received an increased memory capacity – 64 or 256 GB. The predecessor also has two configurations, but the volume is less – 32 or 128 GB. 
The connector is still Lightning. 

The battery capacity of the 9th generation iPad does not appear to have changed relative to the 8th generation iPad. Up to 10 hours of work on the Internet via Wi-Fi or watching videos and up to 9 hours of work on the Internet via a cellular network – this autonomy is declared for both tablets. 

Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac); two bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz); speed up to 866 Mbit / s – these parameters are declared for both models. 

Camera differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

The main camera has not changed. Both models have a resolution of 8 MP, aperture ƒ / 2.4, digital zoom up to 5x. The declared capabilities: three-fold increase when shooting video, slow-motion video 720p at 120 frames per second, “Time-lapse” mode with image stabilization. 

But the front camera has improved. Since 2021, Apple has been paying more attention to them to make users feel comfortable when making calls via video calls, and the main tablet for office and study has followed the trend. 

The 9th generation iPad camera has a larger field of view and 2x zoom out. This allows you to capture more objects in the frame. A new feature “Spotlight” has been integrated, with it the camera focuses on the user, and the frame moves with him. And if the system detects the second face in the frame, it will automatically increase the angle of view. 

It is possible to shoot 1080p HD video at 25, 30 or 60 frames per second. The 8th generation has 720p. 

Accessories differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

The set of compatible accessories has not changed: Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil 1st generation. 

differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

The Smart Keyboard does not have a touchpad, and the hinge is less secure than the Magic Keyboard and is difficult to hold on your lap. The stylus is still charging from the tablet via Lightning, for this you need to remove the cap from it and insert it into the connector. The tablet does not receive support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil with convenient magnetic mount and simultaneous charging. 

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Prices differences between iPad 9 and iPad 8

iPad 9th generation: 

  • 64 GB, Wi-Fi – 30,990 rubles.
  • 256 GB, Wi-Fi – 44,990 rubles.
  • 64GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular – RUB 42,990
  • 256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular – AED 56,990

iPad 8th generation (from what was found in the official retail): 

  • 32 GB, Wi-Fi – 29,990 rubles. 
  • 128 GB, Wi-Fi – 38,990 rubles. 

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