Amazon Prime Gaming for March 2022 – a lot of goodness for gamers

Amazon Prime Gaming for March 2022

Amazon Prime Gaming ‘s offer for March 2022 has now been fully disclosed. Thus, you can rub your hands on the next productions available under the Amazon Prime subscription. And during the subscription period, you can assign specific productions for free. Here’s what’s in store for the next month for gamers.

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Amazon Prime Gaming for March 2022 – Games List

Amazon Prime Gaming for March 2022

We already know what will be available in March for PlayStation Plus subscribers , but also Xbox Live Gold . Now it’s time for an offer from Amazon Prime Gaming. 

It is worth noting here that after adding a given production to our account, this one will be ours forever. Regardless of whether we will continue to pay for Amazon Prime. 

So, considering the price of the subscription itself, it’s a very profitable offer. This is the list of games that can be assigned to your accounts from the beginning of March.

  • Madden NFL 22
  • Surviving Mars
  • Crypto Against All Odds
  • lOOk INside
  • Pesterquest
  • SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech
  • The Stillness of the Wind

As you can see in the list above, fans of sports games should be satisfied. Although American football is not overly popular in Poland, there will certainly be players who will reach for Madden NFL 22 . 

Simulation fans should love Surviving Mars . A game in which, as its name suggests, we will deal with the colonization of the Red Planet. The Steam title alone costs over 25 USD, so using the Amazon Prime Gaming offer is extremely profitable in this case. 


It is also worth adding here that Amazon Prime Gaming is not only free productions made available every month. The offer also includes add-ons to popular games, including currency for GTA Online or add-ons to League of Legends

So it’s worth checking the Amazon Prime Gaming website regularly as such promotions appear at different times.

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