An integrated approach to the development of a website and an online store or “Do something I don’t know what”

development of a website

Regularly, we have the following situations: a client comes to us and says, for example, “I have my own production, a trading (construction) company, etc., I need a development of a website  or a store to sell it. But I have absolutely no time to do all this, to delve into , I’m a busy person, I don’t know what I want and how to do everything. Just make it cool and I make money on it. ” Ok, we say – it will be fulfilled! Almost like a genie.

How can we make a website without knowing the market and practically without contacting the client (because he is constantly busy)? 

Do you think this does not happen? It also happens, but you need a team of very high-level specialists who can not only make a high-quality website, but also quickly understand the subject.  

We start by studying the market, looking at the sites of competitors and especially foreign sites on similar topics. You can see a lot of interesting things there.  All sites of the same subject are often literally licked off from each other – there are no ideas or concepts. The director of company A made a website for himself, the director of company B saw it and said – “I want exactly the same one!” 

Note, it’s not better, not “that he was different”, but exactly the same! Ha Ha!! What do most studio contractors do? That’s right, he licks it as it is in order to please the customer, along the way slightly changing the design (we don’t do this, fortunately, we try to convince the manager why everything needs to be done differently on his website and offer a lot of new ideas). 

This is how we get hundreds of clone sites of each other. And naturally, we have absolutely nothing to catch in this swamp, and you need to come up with something of your own. Therefore, we can familiarize ourselves with some technical points in order to better understand the industry, but we come up with ideas and their implementation ourselves … 

development of a website

Having familiarized ourselves with the market, offers, the essence of the new site, we study the demand for the very product or service that we will sell. Those. It is important for us to answer the questions: “How does the consumer look at this whole thing? Will he buy it? How, when, where? And even at what price?” As a result, we get a kind of analytical report on this segment, which takes into account the competitive environment, the opinion of buyers, and without fail – new items and new trends in this segment. 

Naturally, foreign experience is analyzed very closely. Further, a mixed group of specialists (programmers, designers, visualizers, project leader), together with a perception psychologist, begins brainstorming – to offer and substantiate their ideas, their concepts, the layout of blocks, elements. 

All this is approved or disapproved by the psychologist and the project leader. a prototype in which the main blocks, plates, modules and areas of the future site are displayed in block diagrams. Also, a site diagram (tree) and a visual concept are made at the same time.

Further, according to the prototype and the chosen concept, a web designer works together with a psychologist. The output is the rendering of the main pages + “constructor”, which contains all the forms, elements, blocks, plates and other components that can be used on the site. 

After the design is ready, the site is made up, set to the optimal control system using the “constructor” elements (note that all pages are written in the prototype and there is a full site tree), the necessary functionality is done, for example, displaying product dies, shopping cart, catalog, etc. But while all the pages are empty, there are no texts and products. 

In parallel with these stages, our copywriters write texts according to the site tree and prototype, where the subject of each text and its volume are indicated. We cooperate with various copywriters, each of them is a specialist in several topics. But there is no copywriter who can write about everything at once, for example, some tasks are best done by a man, and some – only by a woman. For example, a male copywriter may be well versed in cars and construction, but it is a woman who will write about feminine hygiene products. The same is with other subjects of texts.

Our photographers and operators go to the customer for production (office) with a mobile studio, arrange equipment, make professional photo and video filming of production, finished products (or the result of a service), employees. Also, shooting of goods for the online store is done, the customer is asked for a price list or catalog

After the texts are ready, the content manager adds them to the site, adding the necessary photos from the photo session earlier. Likewise, the content manager adds products to the site (either in an Excel spreadsheet or in 1C, depending on how the site is filled in), adds photos to the products, descriptions, comments (what the copywriters wrote earlier). 

After that, the site / online store is tested, the order, the basket is debugged, the payment systems debug, etc. The project is finally accepted by the project leader. After acceptance by the host, an independent quality control service carries out testing and acceptance of the site, issuing a corresponding certificate upon successful acceptance. 

The finished site is shown to the client, from whom we received only permission to manufacture (or to the office) and a catalog (price list) of products. After the demonstration, we train the client’s employees to work with the site, or we ourselves take the site for full service. If necessary, we do a full promotion and promotion.

The fact that we can do such work from scratch and on a turnkey basis without distracting the client from work is our main difference from other studios, and especially freelancers, who constantly pull busy clients, wondering what they actually need? And how to do this, this? We ourselves will find all the necessary information and make a turnkey project, if you do not want to be distracted. 

Naturally, we will only be glad to any support and advice from the client – if only he finds time for this. This will significantly reduce the time and cost of development. But if he doesn’t find it, we will do everything ourselves, and no worse than with his support.  

development of a website

If you want, I don’t know what – this is just the task for us! If you want to make money, but do not know what the site should be, on what engine, how to implement it – contact us, we know! If for some reason freelancers ask for a technical task for the site, demand to tell how you see the design, functionality, audience – please contact us. 

We will tell you this ourselves and ask only your wishes for a better understanding of the problem. If you need a serious project with legal guarantees, the maximum possible functionality and automation, and not a Chinese fake made by the efforts of students for a penny – please contact us!

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