Android 13: a Panlingual functionality and a TARE system in the boxes

Android 13

Some clues for the first innovations under study with the future version 13 of Android are emerging.

Android 13… it’s for 2022, but the XDA site (XDA Developers) was able to get its hands on captures of a build – unofficial – necessarily very preliminary. At such an early stage, it is not certain that the information gleaned will lead to any effective changes in Android 13. Some ideas could be abandoned along the way.

For the moment, work is in any case being carried out on a feature with the code name Panlingual. In the languages ​​and input settings, a new option appears, the purpose of which is to define a language for each application.

For an installed and compatible application, a user could thus be able to change the display language there, without impact and independently of the language for the rest of the system. Depending on the needs, several applications would then have different languages.

Clues for TARE

Google also seems to be working on a TARE device – The Android Resource Economy – to manage energy use and to optimize the execution of tasks on the device according to the battery level.

XDA also says that through a new permission for apps to send notifications, notifications could become an opt-in setting (with prior user consent) for all apps.

On the lock screen, it would be possible to force the display of the clock as when notifications appear, instead of its default positioning in the center of the screen.

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