iPhone 15 Ultra heralds a new era? Apple instead of USB-C… may just remove the charging port

iPhone 15 Ultra

Apple used to cling to small screens, although this may seem improbable, especially for younger readers. The first generations of Cupertino smartphones existed only with 3.5-inch screens, and then we received a 4-inch display in the iPhone 5. Only in the case of the iPhone 6, the company launched a 4.7-inch device and a larger, 5.5 -inch. It can be seen that from that moment the company’s phones with a bitten apple in the logo began to break records of popularity.

In our country, smartphones with smaller screens are more popular, but in the United States or China, the opposite tendency is. Every year, Apple releases two top models from the “Pro” line and always the larger one finds a larger group of buyers . Everything seems to indicate that next year Tim Cook and his colleagues will follow the blow and further strengthen their offer with a new flagship, which will be called the iPhone 15 Ultra.

We love big and expensive smartphones

iPhone 14 Pro Max is very popular among buyers. When placing an order for a new device on the manufacturer’s website, we can not pick it up until November. Strong demand for the 6.7-inch version may prompt the company to differentiate between the Pro and Pro Max models for the next generation of smartphones. The company can also add some features to the device with the largest display to entice more customers to buy a larger and more expensive phone.


The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced last week that the Cupertino-based company wants to  increase production of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max due to very high interest in them. The 6.7-inch smartphone currently accounts for 60% of orders for the “Pro” series. 

A few weeks after the premiere, Tim Cook’s company has analyzed the interest in new products and wants to change its priorities. Apple has changed and after talks with suppliers, most of the production will be the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max , at the expense of cheaper devices. The standard “14” model is so far much less popular. Customers may choose similar and slightly cheaper devices from the 12 and 13 series.

Its bigger brother, 14 Plus, is still waiting for its market debut, which will take place in the first week of October. This should not come as a surprise, however, and it is similar to the situation from one or two years ago. The biggest fans of products with a bitten apple in the logo buy the top ones right after the premiere of new phones. Models from the “standard line” are more popular in the coming months. 

iPhone 15 Ultra will start a new era

The suggestion that Apple may seek to further diversify models in the next generation of smartphones is in line with a recent rumor. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg suggested that the successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max would be called the iPhone 15 Ultra. The journalist believes that the company may replace Pro Max with the name Ultra , although he did not mention additional functions of such a model. 

However, the mere difference in name may indicate that the largest iPhone 15 will receive features not available in the smaller Pro model. The analyst’s report does not specify exactly what he expects from the iPhone 15 Ultra, other than the name. Given the new options and durability of the Apple Watch Ultra, its phone family counterpart needs a lot of changes to be worthy of the name.

iPhone 15 Ultra

Considering the previous series of Apple phones, we can note some repetition. Appearance changes occur every three generations of devices. The design started with the iPhone X was continued with the Xs, followed by the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. In the next version, i.e. 12, an angular housing, referring to the iPhone 4 or 5, debuted, then continued in the 13 series and this year’s “fourteen” . iPhone 15 Ultra could be the beginning of something completely new. 

iPhone 15 Ultra with or without USB-C ports

The European Parliament recently decided that from 2024 the USB-C connector will become the primary charging port for smartphones, tablets, cameras, wireless headphones, keyboards and mice. There are a lot of rumors about the transition of Apple smartphones to this solution. But why didn’t the company do it now? What to wait for in the iPhone 15 Ultra? I have serious doubts.

iPhone 15 Ultra with or without USB-C ports

The company began a revolution on the market with the premiere of the iPhone 7 and the removal of the headphone port. Of course, there were similar products before, but none had such firepower. Now Tim Cook and company can do the same, depriving the iPhone of any port . It is probably not possible for all phones on a given line to be deprived of a charging connector, but the one, the most expensive? Why not? The manufacturer, together with the “12” model, uses its own, based on the Qi standard, magnetic charging via MagSafe, so it may not be so risky.

The iPhone 15 Ultra may be the first device without any ports, although it was previously speculated that it would happen in the model 14. It would be a revolution on the mobile market, where no manufacturer dared to introduce a smartphone to the market that does not have a USB connector, for example. C. In this way, Apple will close the topic of not introducing USB-C to its phones. The new model would only be charged wirelessly. Data in the Apple ecosystem is transferred in seconds via the cloud. Perhaps users do not need a port for loading and transferring data any longer.

Source: Appleinsider, MacRumors

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