Atvel SmartGyro R80

Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review: Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Thorough Floor Wiping

Atvel SmartGyro R80 is a robot vacuum cleaner with a low price, dry and advanced wet cleaning, high-quality navigation and good assembly. It vacuums and thoroughly wipes floors, is easy to use, efficiently navigates obstacles over small thresholds, and can be controlled from a remote control or smartphone.

Today, the world strives to ensure that as many actions as possible are automated and performed for us by smart robots. Agree that not many people like vacuuming, as well as washing floors, so manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners are trying to outdo each other in who will offer more for less money.

This is where Atvel’s SmartGyro R80 comes into play, a review of which will show you that this home model can become one of the most interesting in the budget class. So far, these are assumptions, but here is what we have in practice.

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Specifications Atvel SmartGyro R80

ATVEL is a brand of Atvel Corp, an American company that designs and manufactures innovative home appliances. The ATVEL product line focuses on home cleaning devices: cylindrical vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners. A distinctive feature of ATVEL vacuum cleaners, according to the manufacturer, is the use of efficient and durable components.

Mapping/path planningYes
Navigation systemSLAM 3.0 + Gyro
Obstacle Avoidance Sensors10 pairs
Fall sensors3 pairs
High Accuracy MapsNot
Object recognition (front sensors)Not
Magnetic/optical virtual wallsNot
Barrier Height15 mm
Cleaning area250 m²
Drop/break sensorYes
Dust collection
Suction power2400 Pa
Waste container volume500 ml
Cleaning modes7 pcs.
Automatic removal of debris from the tankNot
HEPA filterYes
Washable filterYes
Side brushes2 pcs.
High power function for carpetsYes
Contamination sensorNot
Full trash can sensorNot
Floor washing
Wet cleaningYes + polisher
Electronic water flow controlYes
Water tank volume230 ml + 220 ml
Vibrating clothNot
Automatic napkin lift on carpetNot
Water tank auto fillingNot
Automatic wipe cleaningNot
Battery capacity2600 mAh
Autonomy of work120 min.
Recharging and resuming cleaningYes
Auto rechargeYes
Charging time300 min. (5 h)
Charging voltage14.4 V
Ease of use and management
WiFi app for smartphoneYes
Cleaning planningYes
Remote controlYes
Wi-Fi frequency range2.4 GHz
Amazon Alexa supportNot
Google Assistant supportNot
Display on the control panelYes
Voice prompts (in English)Yes
Noise levelUp to 65 dB
Application features
Real time controlYes
Virtual forbidden areasNot
Zoned cleaningYes
Multi-storey mapsNot
Manual controlYes
Featured RoomsNot
Areas without wet cleaningNot
Other characteristics
Weight2600 g
Width335 mm
Height80 mm
release date2021
Guarantee12 months + 12 months when registering at the office. site
PricePrice: 260$

Unpacking and packaging

The Atvel SmartGyro R80 robot arrives in an aesthetic white cardboard box. Although the appearance of the packaging is of little concern to anyone, it is still nice to get something well packaged.
Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review

What matters is what’s inside! And I must admit, the complete set here is large and includes one very interesting element that surprised me a little. Here’s what we get:

  • Vacuum cleaner Atvel R80
  • 2×HEPA filters
  • 4×side brushes
  • 2×brushes clean devices
  • 2×wet wipes
  • Dry waste container 500 ml
  • Combination container 230/220 ml
  • Charging dock with power supply
  • Remote control with screen
  • User manual and warranty card

The remote control with a monochrome display surprised me, because I’m used to controlling robotic vacuum cleaners mainly from a smartphone. It is not necessary to use the application here, because there is a remote control. This is a really useful addition that makes the Atvel vacuum cleaner more convenient to use, for example, by older people who are not very familiar with smartphones.

Design and construction

The appearance of the Atvel SmartGyro R80 resembles other similar devices of this type.

Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review

The round shape measures 33.5 x 33.5 x 8 cm, and the height is relatively low, which allows you to drive into hard-to-reach places, such as under sofas. As for the colors, the emphasis is on black tones. The vacuum cleaner itself is dark in color, although the surface layer shimmers with light mother-of-pearl and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Although I don't have a high quality feel, nothing creaks or wobbles. The design is dominated by medium quality plastic. It should also be taken into account that this is a cheap robot, so the choice of materials is quite justified.

On the side of the housing there is an on / off switch and a connector that allows you to directly charge the SmartGyro R80 robot vacuum cleaner via an AC adapter. On the opposite side there is an air duct opening. Front bumper, which has 10 pairs of intelligent obstacle detection sensors. Its rubberized protrusion prevents collision damage.

On the back, you will find a cavity in which trash or wet cleaning containers are installed. There are two of them, one for solid waste and dust, the second combined, consisting of different tanks – for water and litter. If you look at the Atvel R80 from above, we will see one touch control button with LED indication (blue / red light), and the manufacturer’s logo on the opposite side.

The most interesting elements are hidden at the bottom of the smart home assistant. On the two sides of the central lower part there are large rubberized wheels that overcome thresholds and obstacles up to 15 mm high. Closer to the edges of the front are two rotating brushes for collecting debris from hard-to-reach places. Between them, a guide roller wheel that sets the direction of movement for the vacuum cleaner.

Under the guide roller, a large combined brush (turbo brush). It consists of sets of bristles and rubber bands, better collecting tangled long hair or wool.

A dry waste bin, along with a combined one for mopping, as I already mentioned, are attached from the back. Essentially, the Atvel robot’s suction motor is built into the container. A similar design has a washing tank, when brushes and a napkin are movable dirt traps when wiping the floors.

Management and interaction

To start the cleaning robot, a convenient remote control and a special application are provided, through which we control the Atvel SmartGyro R80.

Remote control

The control panel with a monochrome display is equipped with Start / Pause buttons, time settings and the possibility of scheduling cleaning according to a schedule, as well as the degree of dampening of the wipes.

After pressing Mode, cleaning modes are available to you, here there are 7 of them. There is a suction power adjustment and a return to the docking station key for charging. Through the directional arrow buttons placed in a circle, it is easy to control the robot in manual mode.

Speaking of modes, SmartGyro R80 supports:

  1. Auto (Auto) – zigzag cleaning along walls or random (default).
  2. Border (Edge) – cleaning only along the edges of the walls.
  3. Area (Area) – a separate area of ​​\u200b\u200b2 × 2 m² is removed.
  4. Random (Random) – carried out in random order until the battery runs out.
  5. Intensive (Deep cleaning) – the robot moves along two zigzag paths.
  6. Polisher (Scrubbing) – the vacuum cleaner makes alternating movements, rubbing dirt.
  7. Gyro – zigzag movements, also along walls (additional mode).

Atvel app for smartphone

To get the maximum control of the Atvel SmartGyro R80 vacuum cleaner, you need to install a special application on your smartphone with Android or iOS OS. It is possible from the instructions for the QR code.

After downloading and installing the application, you need to register a new user (if you do not use other Atvel products). Then select the region – in my case “Europe” and connect the robot to your home 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

After a short pairing process, your new home assistant is ready to go. On the main screen of the smartphone, a field for constructing a virtual map of your home will be displayed. The menu controls and additional settings are located at the bottom, and the battery level with an area and cleaning time counter is at the top.

Rooms for cleaning are specified through the software. In the options, basic information about the device is available (model, firmware version, network, IP address, etc.). The schedule is also set here, voice guidance and the Do Not Disturb mode are turned on / off, as well as the firmware is updated and navigation is configured.

From the home screen, you have access to the seven cleaning modes mentioned above and four suction power settings: Off, Turbo, Normal, Eco. Below is a section to select the moisture level of the wipe: Low, Medium, High, off. There is also an icon for returning the gadget to the base.

We can schedule the R80 to run at the application level on certain days and hours. Importantly, it is possible to plan several cycles per day. As on more expensive models, the application contains the entire history of cleaning according to the built maps. Thanks to this, it is clearly visible when the Atvel R80 worked and how long it took for certain areas.

Unfortunately, there is no way to set a forbidden border, area or virtual wall wherever the robot goes.

Robot vacuum cleaner in practice

If you are interested in buying the Atvel SmartGyro R80, you should know that it does not have a LIDAR laser scanner, so room navigation and mapping is based on SLAM 3.0 + Gyro technologies.

The used gyroscope-based technology has not only disadvantages, such as lower accuracy compared to LIDAR scanners, but also advantages: durability, simplicity and convenience.

A device with gyro navigation will work better in small apartments. And during the tests, the vacuum cleaner successfully collected garbage, and also wiped the floors in the relatively small rooms of my apartment. He was also good at detecting obstacles, skilfully avoiding spaced chairs and furniture.

To improve the accuracy of cleaning and building maps in real time, Atvel R80 gyro navigation is assisted by 15 pairs of sensors. Ten pairs of obstacle sensors are built into the front, three are at the bottom (protect against falling off steps and edges), and two pairs detect the position to return to the docking station.

Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review

The robot vacuum cleaner quickly moves around the rooms, bypasses obstacles with a “forest” of chair and table legs. Standalone mode is not a problem, but a flat and low profile with no protrusions is an advantage. For example, I have low radiators at home, so some robots, resting on the batteries, turn around and do not clean under them. Fortunately, there were no such problems here.

In addition, only a flat, lower vacuum cleaner will be able to penetrate the small gaps under cabinets and beds. You just need to make sure that “lost” socks or usb cables do not lie in the path of the SmartGyro R80, because they can wind up and block the brushes. If this happens, no problem, the brushes can be easily removed and installed back.

The front bumper has a rubber strip that reduces the impact force when it comes into contact with something. Large wheels allow you to overcome obstacles up to 15 millimeters high, which is not a very large indicator. So if you have high thresholds, they can be a problem for the R80.

Garbage collection and noise level

At the very beginning of the Atvel SmartGyro R80, you need to conduct a test pass in order to build a map of the rooms that the device will clean.

Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review

Of course, the duration of the process depends on the number and size of rooms, the vacuum cleaner does not work idle – it can vacuum and mop the floors. Naturally, after the first trip, you need to decide whether the card is suitable or whether it is worth creating a new one. If you do not want to engage in such manipulations, use the remote control.

Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review

When you have a map ready, the Atvel R80 will not drive randomly around your house, but will use a planned, optimal route that it tries to follow, paying attention to every possible centimeter of the floor. Using a powerful motor with a suction force of up to 2400 Pa, the robot carefully collects dust and debris.

Three vacuum injection modes allow you to fine-tune the cleaning process, depending on the type of coatings being cleaned:

  1. On hard surfaces (laminate, parquet, tiles) it is enough to use the lowest suction power, marked as “Eco”. From a distance of 2 meters, the vacuum cleaner emits a noise of about 55 dB.
  2. The second mode, which is called “Normal”, is necessary for more heavily soiled floor surfaces (dry dirt and sand) or standard carpet cleaning. SmartGyro R80 delivers about 60 dB from a distance of two meters.
  3. The third, maximum “Turbo” mode is not intended for regular cleaning. I rarely needed to use it, only to clean high pile carpet. The noise level from a distance of 2 meters was 65-68 dB.

In general, the quality and cleaning accuracy of the Atvel smart vacuum cleaner are very good. Hair, sand, debris, crumbs, small pieces of paper and ordinary dust are collected quite effectively. This applies not only to hard floor surfaces, but also carpets, by the way, the robot can increase suction power by detecting carpets.

Floor washing and polisher

Wet floor mode is one of the important features of this robot vacuum cleaner, and here again the Atvel SmartGyro R80 surprised me a little.

Atvel SmartGyro R80 Review

Combined water container, consisting of a 230 ml reservoir and a detachable 220 ml solids tank. To control the control of the water supply to the napkin, there is a built-in pump. It also prevents leaks when the equipment is charging or inoperative.

There are two wipes for wiping, in addition to a special fibrous structure resembling microfiber. They are equipped not only with Velcro for attaching to the humidifying tank, but also with rubber bands for additional fixation along the edges. I came across such a solution for the first time, I confess, it helps the napkins to be more securely attached to the container.

The built-in pump is also responsible for the mentioned moistening modes of the napkin. Since there are several levels of “water flow”, we can adjust them using the required duration or intensity of washing. Even at maximum water consumption, a full tank is enough for 55-60 m² (for example, an apartment of 80-85 m² minus the area for furniture).

Although the SmartGyro R80 can clean well and even vacuum at the same time, there is one more function provided here – a floor polisher. Thanks to the alternating movement, forward and backward, the Atvel home assistant scrubs and removes even complex dirt that cannot be cleaned in the main modes. And this is a really useful feature that improves the quality of wet cleaning several times.

Operating time and autonomy Atvel SmartGyro R80

According to my observations, Atvel R80 can continuously clean more than 1.5 hours in normal mode.

In practice, cleaning a small apartment of 60 m² takes about 45 minutes, so there is a margin here. I note that if the work is not interrupted, the Atvel cleaning robot can visit each room twice to correct its errors.

I often interrupted it after about 50-55 minutes because the floors were clean after the first pass. If you increase the suction power to the maximum, the autonomy will decrease to about 45-50 minutes. (maybe less). However, this is still enough even to clean a large apartment.

Charging no problem

Basically yes, but it is worth remembering that at about 1.5 meters from the docking station, the robot goes into base search mode and does not bypass obstacles.

Therefore, I advise you to place the charging station in a place where the last part of the path is free and easily accessible. If an obstacle is located here, for example, a chair leg, the vacuum cleaner will move back and again try to drive straight into the station, thereby again bumping into an obstacle. In other words, the R80 will pass the entire apartment without errors, but in order to reach the charging station, the last section, approximately 1.5 meters, must be free and without any obstacles.

The charging time of the Atvel SmartGyro R80 is long – 5-6 hours if the battery is heavily discharged. It usually took me about 1.5 hours to charge. Considering that the equipment travels and returns to the base itself, according to the schedule, this is not a problem at all. Even after standing for a day, the battery will be 100% charged.

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One of the biggest advantages of robotic vacuum cleaners is that they clean up automatically and even without human intervention. In order for them to work efficiently and properly, there should be no cables, scattered clothes or toys on the way – the space through which the gadget moves must be free and accessible.

Atvel SmartGyro R80 has many advantages, the main of which is an affordable price. It is not the loudest, it is conveniently controlled from the remote control or through the application, it vacuums well and at the same time thoroughly wipes the floors. Navigation accuracy is high thanks to the created room maps, and after the work is completed, the device itself returns to charging.

Is it worth buying

The robot moves smoothly between and under obstacles, thanks to the low profile, it looks attractive and is quite well built. If necessary, it turns on according to the schedule and after activation it is almost one hundred percent autonomous. The Atvel R80 vacuum cleaner will start itself, vacuum or mop the floors and return to charging again. You only need to empty the dust box 2-3 times a week (especially if there are girls or cats at home).

Yes, this is not an ideal device without flaws. The height of the obstacles to be overcome could be higher than 15 mm, since the R80 sometimes gets stuck when hitting various objects, and I would like the voice accompaniment in Russian. But, given the cost and features in general, this is a bargain.

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