Instead of spending money, make special gloves yourself to use Smartphone in winter.

create smartphone gloves yourself

This is undoubtedly one of the most annoying situations. It’s freezing cold, you’re waiting for the bus and you want to use your phone. You can’t because the touch screen doesn’t work with gloves. What to do? Risk a few moments of cold to check the notification. Well, you can also create your own smartphone gloves.

Why does the touch screen not work when we are wearing gloves?

Admittedly, touchscreen functionality is something we’ve taken for granted. After all, human skin comes into direct contact with an electrical device, which in theory should shock us instantly.

This is not because the screen is coated with a layer of indium tin oxide. Manufacturers connect this to a very low voltage, which means that there are negligible amounts of electric charges on the smartphone. They flow through the hand at the moment of touch, and its location determines the activity we ask the operating system to perform on our behalf.

When using gloves, the touchscreen does not work for a fairly simple reason. The material insulates the skin from electrical charges, which makes the device unable to read the user’s intentions. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this.

How to create smartphone gloves yourself?

Of course, it is also a surprisingly simple patent that will work with any gloves we have at home. It is enough to equip yourself with a special conductive thread, which we will sew our fingers on the gloves. You can also save some time and only deal with the finger that we usually use the smartphone with.

To perform the activities properly, we need about 40 cm of thread, although manufacturers sell packages of up to 10 m. So you need to buy a slightly larger package and bury it in a drawer for the next seasons and more smartphone gloves.

The cost of such an expense is approximately $10 without shipping, but warmth on the coldest days of winter and the convenience of using a smartphone is undoubtedly priceless, especially if you are trying to quickly buy a tram or bus ticket. Normally, you’d have to nervously take off your gloves as the vehicle pulls into the station.

An interesting fact is that you can also buy dedicated gloves for your smartphone. Internet is full of such offers, but none of them seems to be a more reliable solution than an old and good conductive thread. If we do something ourselves, at least we can be sure that it will work. Just be careful with the needles!

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