The Recipe for Enriching Mark Zuckerberg: success turned out to be firing employee

In a remarkable journey through the realm of virtual reality, Mark Zuckerberg’s infatuation with the ever-evolving VR technology remains vivid in our memories. From the groundbreaking acquisition of Oculus to the audacious rebranding of Facebook as Meta, Zuckerberg spared no expense in fueling the burgeoning metaverse. Yet, this grand pursuit did not come without its toll, as the company and its visionary leader encountered staggering losses, amounting to a colossal $100 billion in peak assets.

However, in a surprising turn of events, following the recent dismissal of approximately 11,000 individuals, the billionaire’s fortunes have taken a strikingly different course. The tides have shifted, and the once-troubled waters have birthed enormous profits for Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg changes the direction of the company’s development

In the realm of tech giants, Meta, much like its counterparts, has embarked on the realm of artificial intelligence. However, this bold move doesn’t signify a departure from the metaverse; on the contrary, the corporation emphasizes that AI will serve as the propelling force behind both hardware and software utilizing virtual reality. Furthermore, Meta has set its sights on creating its own language model known as LLaMA, with aspirations of delving into the realm of personal AI—intelligent assistants built upon artificial intelligence.

But that’s not all; behind the scenes, Meta is diligently working on a potential rival to Twitter, leveraging the immense popularity of Instagram as a launching pad. In a noteworthy feat, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild claimed the second-highest position among the S&P 500 index’s most outstanding companies, following the closing of the New York Stock Exchange last Friday. (The S&P 500 index encompasses the largest 500 corporations listed on US stock exchanges.)

How much has Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune increased?

In a remarkable surge, the value of Meta shares soared to an astounding $245.64 per share on May 19, 2023, igniting a corresponding surge in Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth. His estate witnessed an unprecedented increase, ballooning by an exorbitant $44 billion and settling at a staggering $89.9 billion. These mind-boggling figures, akin to the realm of mythical treasures, elude the grasp of ordinary mortals.

Interestingly, these developments unfold in the aftermath of sweeping layoffs that have rippled across the largest tech corporations. In response to dwindling revenues from advertisers, the company announced the regrettable dismissal of approximately 11,000 employees in November 2022. However, news of a strong year of performance, advancements in artificial intelligence, and a head-on battle against Twitter brings solace to investors, underlining its paramount significance.

Forecasts paint a tantalizing picture, suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth may continue its ascent. Speculations even dare to project Meta shares reaching an astonishing $320 apiece, barring any unforeseen revolutionary disruptions. Should anyone pose a challenge to Elon Musk’s dominion, it is undoubtedly the indomitable founder of Facebook, rather than smaller social networks reminiscent of the Mastodon, which pale in comparison due to their financial limitations. Alas, we may harbor wishes for a different outcome, but reality beckons us toward the relentless pursuit of wealth.

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