Useful Extensions for Chrome and Firefox: The best plugins

Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Not everyone knows that the first web browser was WorldWideWeb by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of www. Today’s programs have an eye-pleasing graphical interface and engines that enable efficient surfing on the gigantic resources of the web. However, complete solutions still do not exist, because each tool still needs to be personalized and expanded with functionalities that are primarily important to us. We present the best and most popular extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

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What are browser extensions anyway?

We can treat them as additional applications inside the browser itself. Small programs, often created by independent developers, that add functionality not available natively . They make browsing faster, safer, or just more fun .

Useful Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

We will try to present those of them that have a reputation for safe, efficient and, above all, authentically useful solutions .

Where can we download add-ons?

We always advise you to download extensions only from the official directories (stores) of the browser producer:

Chrome Web Store
Mozilla Firefox add-ons

Chrome Web Store also supports other browsers based on the Chromium engine, incl. Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Cent or Brave . Having one of these browsers, we get access to all extensions from the Google repository.

Of course, downloading from these sites will not guarantee us 100% sure that each add-on is free from defects or malicious code. However, if we download community-tested applications that have a documented history of changes and, for example, open source code (often suspected on platforms such as GitHub), we can feel relatively safe.

It is worth mentioning that some add-ons in Firefox have received the “Recommended” award . Apps that are marked in this way are verified in terms of safety and compliance with the rules . The same applies to the “Verified” badge that developers receive after Mozilla has reviewed their code. Finally, at the very end there are add-ons with the “from Firefox” mark , completely safe and created by the creators of the browser.

Browser extensions: shortening links with BitLy

Bitly | Powerful Short Links

Ability to shorten and name links with two clicks of the mouse. Especially useful for long and inconvenient sharing redirects. The principle of operation is very simple – to create a short link, just click on the icon on the toolbar:

We can then copy the link, forward it, download the QR code or adjust the redirection:

  • add a title,
  • change the address from randomly generated to the one we set.

In the screenshot below, I changed it to the only right one 😉

With the new version of the extension, we can also create shortening links by displaying the context menu (right click anywhere on the page) and clicking on the Shorten Bitly link option:

The add-on for Chrome can be downloaded from:

Bitly | Powerful Short Links – Chrome Web Store (

Bitly URL Shortner

An alternative to Firefox will be the Bitly URL Shortner application . Unfortunately, this is a slightly more shallow version, although the most important function of creating a link with just one click of the mouse remains unchanged.

In addition to the above, we can also quickly share a shortened redirect on social media platforms, and the link is copied to the clipboard.

The add-on for Firefox can be downloaded from the website:

Bitly URL Shortner – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

Browser extensions: advanced search

Context Menu Search

Context Menu Search allows you to search for selected content in various search engines defined by us . Highlight the text, phrase, title, product name or whatever and right-click on it to bring up the context menu. Then select Context Menu Search and the search engine that interests us from the drop-down menu.

These can be added, edited and removed in the extension options. Search engines can be added manually or from the list of predefined pages in the “Add Search Engines” tab. We will edit the already added entries, change their order or remove them in the “manage current options” tab, and in “other options” we have direct access to the code .

Access to the code is a great help for power users who can copy the code of the configured app from another browser. Editing here already requires minimal knowledge, so let’s be careful and read the documentation. For example , I put my own configuration code , you can use it to learn how to add search engines in this way by analogy.

The final effect looks like this:

The add-on for Chrome can be downloaded from:

Context Menu Search – Chrome Web Store (

Swift Selection Search

The same principle works for Swift Selection Search for Firefox. However, the solution by Daniel Lobo is distinguished by an additional and optional pop-up menu that appears by default as soon as we select the text.

From this level, just select the search engine icon to start searching – this way we save even more time:

In the options, we can fully customize the appearance of the menu, add, delete and edit search engines, as well as import or export settings.

We can download the extension at:

Swift Selection Search – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

Browser extensions: Gesture personalization and dark theme

Mouse Gesture Events

Mouse Gesture Events allows you to define gestures that will make your daily work easier. Holding the right mouse button on any page, we move the mouse assigned to a given action. We can, for example, by a short swipe up, move straight to the top of the page, and by swiping to the left, we can display the page we were on before.

The configuration options are really large – opening new tabs, restoring closed ones, refreshing the page, minimizing windows … This way, we can speed up all the repetitive activities that we perform using browser tabs.

The application makes the way we navigate the pages so much easier that after a while it is hard to imagine a return to the “world without gestures” .

The add-on can be downloaded from the following addresses:

Mouse Gesture Events – Chrome Web Store (

Mouse gestures – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

Dark Mode

If you are one of those people who have to spend a significant amount of time in front of the computer, it is worth taking care of your eyes . The Dark Mode extension allows you to turn on the dark mode (as the name suggests), which turns white backgrounds into gray or black, while ensuring the visibility of the fonts.

The appearance of the mode can be customized in the options . We should also specify when the application will have access to the page – only after clicking on its icon in the upper right corner of the browser, only on specific sites or on all sites:

The add-on can be downloaded from the following addresses:

Dark Mode – Chrome Web Store (

Dark Mode (WebExtension) – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

Color picker

Eye Dropper

Do you need to find out what specific color was used on a given page or are you looking for a specific color from the palette ? Eye Dropper allows you to read a color from the current web page with the mouse cursor and save it to the clipboard and a built-in color list . We can also use the integrated color picker .

Color is read in hex, RGB and HSL standards (the most commonly used color coding systems).

The application can be downloaded from the following address:

Eye Dropper – Chrome Web Store (

ColorPick Eyedropper

The Firefox counterpart will be ColorPick Eyedropper. The distinguishing feature of the plug-in is the ability to zoom in on the graphics to select a color from a small area (even a single pixel) of the image.

The application can be downloaded at:

Colorpick Eyedropper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) (

Advanced screenshots

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

If you need more than the WIN + Shift + S key combination to take a screenshot, take a look at Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder.

This is a real combine that can do much more:

  • screenshot of the entire screen or selected area ,
  • selecting a fragment , scrolling the screen and extending the selection ,
  • delayed screenshot _
  • desktop dump ,
  • the ability to edit the screenshot and send files to Dropbox or Google services ,
  • video recording with or without sound ( bookmark , desktop or webcam recording ).

The add-on can be downloaded from the following addresses:

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder – Chrome Web Store (

Nimbus Screen Capture: Screenshot, Edit, Annotate – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

Google translator

Quick translation using Google Translate into the language defined by us in the options. Translation can be done in three ways:

  • after selecting a word or a fragment of text, the add-on will display an icon , after clicking which a window with a translation will appear ,
  • the translation window will appear immediately (each selected text fragment will be sent to the Google server to determine whether the content is to be translated),
  • no icon and window are missing , translation is done by clicking the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser.

A valuable function is undoubtedly the ability to listen to the pronunciation of the translated phrase:

Google Translate can be downloaded from:

Google Translate – Chrome Web Store

We tune YouTube with browser extension

Enhancer for YouTube ™

A popular extension that will significantly improve the comfort of using the largest social media site with video content.

The add-on will allow us to turn on materials with the selected quality (if it is available), adjust the appearance of the page (e.g. dark mode, showing the player immediately in cinema mode, extended description and expanding comments), configure keyboard shortcuts to control the player, easily change the volume level and playback speed .

The creators have also made available a special control panel that we can personalize. By default, it is placed under the enabled movie and with its help we can, among others loop playback, remove advertisements, take freeze-frame screenshots or apply video filters.

The add-on is available for download at the following addresses:

Enhancer for YouTube ™ – Chrome Web Store

Enhancer for YouTube ™ – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

Handy pocket for tabs

Save to Pocket

Something for fans of bookmarking pages . Pocket has one significant advantage over the solutions built into browsers – after creating an account, we do not have to become attached to a specific program or even the operating system.

Pocket is available as an extension for virtually any desktop browser, and thanks to the smartphone application and full synchronization, we have access to content wherever we are .

The manufacturer describes its solution as “your own personal, quiet corner of the Internet where you can spend time with stories that are important to you “.

Adding pages is incredibly easy, just click the extension icon:

The add-on is available for download at the following addresses:

Chrome Web Store

Google Play Android

Apple App Store

The application is natively integrated with Firefox.

We send texts to the e-book reader

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome ™

If you like reading content on your Kindle e -book reader , you can’t do without this plugin. It is an easy way to send texts and articles that we can read later on a convenient e-ink display.

The extension handles the content of the pages very well and converts the content into a format compatible with Amazon devices. Before sending, we have the ability to preview and see the quality of the conversion:

The add-on was developed by Amazon and is available at:

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome ™ – Chrome Web Store

Player browser extension and subscription info

alike03’s Subscription Info on Steam

This time, something for players. Have you ever had a situation where you bought a game only to find out later that it’s already in the subscription pack you are subscribed to?

The extension will allow you to avoid a similar slip-up by displaying information directly on the game card on the Steam platform . The add-on checks databases including services such as Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles, Ubisoft + , EA Play and EA Play Pro :

The application is available for download at the following addresses:

alike03’s Subscription Info on Steam – Chrome Web Store

alike03’s Subscription Info on Steam – get this extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-us) (

We increase security, on guard of BitWarden


We live in a time when infantile correspondence attempts under the ” Nigerian swindle ” were supplemented with professionally crafted phishing pages and telephone spoofing, most often pretending to be bank employees. The methods are becoming more and more sophisticated, so it is worth taking care in advance, e.g. o unique passwords for all websites important to us that store sensitive data.

The best and still fully functional password manager (unlike LastPass) is BitWarden. The solution supports all leading browsers and has a mobile application , which guarantees synchronization and access to data in every situation .

In addition to setting the master password, we can define when the application will ask for a password again and verify access to the data. According to our wishes, this can happen even after each closing of the browser.

Of course, there is a function of filling in login fields on websites with data from the application:

BitWarden is safe and open source software and the source code is hosted on GitHub. The AES-256 bit standard with salted hashing (a randomly generated fixed-length value, unique for each password) and PBKDF2 SHA-256 are responsible for data encryption.

The BitWarden plugin is available for download at the following addresses:

Chrome Web Store

Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-gb) (

Google Play Android

Apple App Store (

Download Bitwarden – Microsoft Store en-PL

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