GitHub has announced Copilot X, powered by GPT-4, making code writing and correction even more easier.

GitHub reveals Copilot X supported by GPT-4

Copilot, OpenAI’s code generation tool based on Codex, initially boosted developer productivity by 55%. However, the latest version of Copilot, known as Copilot X, has even greater potential and includes additional features. This new version of Copilot is powered by GPT-4 and is now available on GitHub.

Copilot X is designed to surpass the functionality of a standard code autocomplete tool. It is built to recognize the code input by programmers and identify any error messages that are displayed. Moreover, it provides an option to generate unit tests and suggests potential solutions for any detected errors. Along with these features, Copilot X will support chat-based communication through the GitHub Copilot Chat, and voice-based communication via the GitHub Copilot Voice feature.

GitHub Copilot X

Additionally, it offers seamless integration with pull requests through the Copilot for Pull Requests option. Copilot X also provides support for command line functionality and documentation with GitHub Copilot for Docs. All of these features are made possible by OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model, which made its debut last week.

To get access to Copilot X, you need to subscribe to one of the virtual queues :

  1. Copilot Chat
  2. Copilot for PR
  3. Copilot for documentation
  4. Copilot CLI

The Source: The Verge

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