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Google services are back on Honor. And Honor 50 is their novelty with a rare camera and top-end hardware

When there are no restrictions on the operating system of the smartphone, it is easier to use it. This concerns the ban on pre-installation of Google services in Honor smartphones. Finally, these restrictions have been lifted – Google services have officially returned to the company’s smartphones. This means that they work stably, and users have access to the entire Google Play library. 
And this is the new Honor 50, the company’s first smartphone with Google services since independence. Let’s see what a smartphone can do. 

Magic UI 

The smartphone has a stylish and attractive design, a high-quality camera and a powerful processor, but all this fades into the background. Google services are back! Now you can officially download YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail and other official applications of the American company on Honor, and not using crutches. 

I have used Honor smartphones without Google services. They could be installed, despite the restrictions, only their official presence gives peace of mind – you can be sure that they will continue to work stably throughout the entire life cycle of the phone. 

Magic UI is standard for Android firmware. In particular, there is no separation of the curtain into a control point and a notification panel, they are combined in one section, which opens with a swipe from bottom to top in any part of the screen. 

I liked the gestures, in particular, the commands “To the main screen” and “To the multitasking menu”. Mechanically they do not differ from those of other Android smartphones, but in terms of smoothness on this firmware they are one of the most pleasant. In general, an aesthetic and functional shell.  


Outwardly, the device is attractive, which at first caused dissonance in me. The smartphone does not have a single unique design element, yet it is made in such a way that in terms of appearance it is one of the most stylish and aesthetic phones in 2021. 

First of all, a neat “chin” catches the eye. Its thickness is the same as that of the upper edge of the frame, so it does not attract too much attention at all, and the body is symmetrical. 

This can describe almost any element of the device’s appearance. The cutout for the camera is neat, it is about the size of the icon in the top notification bar. 

In terms of the rest of the design elements, the smartphone corresponds to the time. The rear camera is located in an oval block, the main module stands apart from all the others, the others are located below it, an O-shaped cutout is placed under the front camera. 

Let’s move on from design to ergonomics. The smartphone feels light and thin. It weighs 175 g, just like the average mobile device in 2021, but when I switched to this device, I felt that it is lighter than the competition, thanks to the competent body balancing. The edges are beveled for a slimmer effect, making it even more comfortable. 


The display is also a strong point of this smartphone. Here, the maximum refresh rate of the screen is 120 Hz, while most of the pre-flagship smartphones offer 90 Hz. The image is smoother and more effective. 120 Hz is applicable both when interacting with the interface and in games, if they support it. 

There is a smart setting for the dynamic refresh rate of the screen. The display adjusts this value depending on the content being played, thus saving power. 

The second feature of the screen is curved edges. Visually, this makes the image more effective – it feels like the picture is closer to you, and there is no border in the form of a frame. Moreover, the color rendition in the bending area is not distorted depending on the viewing angle, which means that the display is of high quality. 

The diagonal of the screen is 6.57 inches, the resolution is FHD + (2340×1080). These parameters are standard for a pre-flagship smartphone. This is Certified by TUV Rheinland for blue light reduction. This means that the display protects the eyes from harmful radiation at the hardware level. 


The pride of the Honor 50 is the multi-video feature. It allows you to simultaneously broadcast the recording from both the front camera and the main one. For example, while traveling, you are photographing landmarks or landscapes. 

Imagine that on Instagram Stories, you broadcast both yourself and your environment at the same time. The audience will understand your emotions better, and there will be more feedback. 

The proportions of the windows change. There are three of them – foreground / background, background x2 / background x1 and picture-in-picture, when the recording from the front camera is placed in the window. 

Another plus of the camera is the main module with a resolution of 108 MP. You can take a close-up landscape shot, and then crop it in every possible way without losing detail.

There are four cameras in total, the resolution is 108 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP. This is the main module, ultra wide-angle, a sensor for analyzing depth of field and creating a bokeh effect, as well as a macro module for shooting small objects up close. 

With X2 magnification, the quality is minimally lost even with a slight lack of light, for example, in the early evening. The ultra-wide-angle module is also impressive – objects are not distorted in the corners, and the detail is high. 

I liked the night mode. It seems that Honor has changed accents in it. The company has always strived to make pictures as sharp as possible, but here they are more natural – without extreme detail. 

The shots are decent – no loss of detail in dark areas. The light is evenly distributed throughout the entire image. The work of the camera with the night sky is impressive – it turns out to be detailed, with many shades and without noise. 

Front camera resolution – 32 MP. It is single, the viewing angle is adjustable – there are two values: for single and group selfies. 


The smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 778G processor. This is a pre-flagship chip, and nevertheless, it runs games and applications without any issue- any and at maximum settings. 

I liked the endurance of the iron. I played PUBG Mobile and played for about an hour and a half (three rounds of battle royale). During this time, the case did not heat up. Although I play mobile games consistently, then case tends to get warm even when it comes to throttling. 

There are three configurations of the smartphone – 6 + 128 GB, 8 + 128 GB and 8 + 256 GB. 6 GB is the minimum for an Android smartphone to use it comfortably. This allows you to run two resource-intensive applications at the same time, for example, a game and a browser.  


Honor 50 strikes me as the most stylish Android smartphone in 2021. Vibrant colors, attention to detail and an ergonomic body make it attractive to the competition. 

In terms of performance, it is also good. Multi-video is a rare opportunity, 108 MP too, the processor is almost top-end, there is a lot of memory – the phone is reliable, convenient and versatile. And if the phone combines attractive design and high performance, the user will definitely like it. 

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