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One UI is one of my favorite overlays for the Google system. The latest version of the software works great with Android 13 and allows the user to make many changes to the system . However, Samsung lets you go even further with the official Good Lock app. It contains modules that allow you to set additional, previously unavailable options. The problem, however, is that the program does not work in India but in US. However, there is a replacement available in Google Play, on which Good Lock modules work perfectly. In this article, you will learn what this solution offers and how to install the necessary files.

Good Lock is a great app

One UI overlay - Good Lock

Good Lock is a package of add-ons created by Samsung that allows you to change many areas in the One UI overlay , such as the appearance and operation of the device. It includes, among others, improvements in navigation, greater possibilities of layout of icons or better tools for customizing the lock screen. 

Good Lock is a kind of center, a hub that brings together all modules and you can manage them here. Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the beginning, it does not work in India. However , Android application developers circumvented geographical restrictions and created a replacement in the form of Nice Lock. The program has practically the same functions as the original and most importantly, it works with its official modules!

The best Good Lock modules

Home Up

My most favorite One UI changing module is Home Up. As the name suggests, it is responsible for the changes on the home screen. It contains five different groups of settings, including home screen, folder, backup and restore, sharing manager, and task changer. I use, among others, the first one, which allows you to expand the number of icons that will fit on the display. Thanks to this, I have up to 9 applications in the dock.

You can also open folders on the home screen in a pop-up style or change the settings of recently opened apps. It’s just a must try!


Good Lock - Pentastic

This is a module for people who have a Galaxy S22 Ultra or an older Note with the ability to support S Pen. It allows you to easily and quickly adjust various aspects of the stylus operation. The most useful option seems to be changing the Air Command menu. The multitude of functions can really surprise you!


Good Lock - Lockstar

If the latest news of Android 13 and One UI 5 are not enough for you to modify the lock screen, then Lockstar comes to the rescue. As the name suggests, the module focuses on customizing the lock screen. Allows you to manually reposition system icons such as the clock, music widget, and notification icons. It also includes wallpapers that you can try. It is also useful to change the default shortcuts on the lock screen to Phone and Camera.


Good Lock - Multistar

In Multistar , I liked the substitute for multitasking that is available on tablets and devices with a foldable screen. For example, here you can set a new way to enable split view by long pressing the application icon in the view of recently opened programs. The function of reducing the content visible in the program after opening multitasking is also useful.

The module that can completely change the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen is Navstar. It is especially useful for people who use the Home, Back and Recent Apps buttons. Navstar even allows you to add additional options, such as a phone switch! However, fans of gestures will also find something for themselves. Here you can set, for example, the sensitivity to strokes from the left or right side of the screen.

One Hand Operation+

For people who value navigation through the smartphone interface, I can recommend One Hand Operation+. For example, the module allows you to move useful options to the sides of the display, making them easy to reach with one hand.

How to install GoodLock?

If you are in USA you can install it from Good Lock – Apps on Galaxy Store. But, as I mentioned, Good Lock cannot be installed in India, but there are alternatives available in Google Play, e.g. NiceLock . Download the application and install it on your phone. The free version contains ads, but the user can pay INR ₹300 once for the Pro version, which does not contain “disruptors”.

However, it is worth remembering that no matter which version we choose, we get a “naked” program, without preloaded modules that must be downloaded separately. Unfortunately, this is where the first problem arises – we won’t find them in Google Play. Due to the fact that Good Lock is not available in our geographical area, Samsung has also disabled the possibility of official download of modules.

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Fortunately, there are sites like APKMirror that allow you to download installation files from other than official sources. All Good Lock modules are available for download on this page . It is worth remembering that downloading and installing from such sources is not always safe!

However, if you download the APK file and want to install it (find it in the downloaded device files and tap to install), the system will display a message about the need to activate the permission for applications downloaded from other sources. Once approved, tap “Install”. After this, you can enable NiceLock and enjoy the functions offered by the module.

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