How chatbots help improve business performance

How chatbots help improve business performance

Brands actively use chatbots for various purposes: to communicate with customers on the website, in social networks, through instant messengers, in mobile applications. At the same time, someone does it pretty well, and someone’s communications become popular memes on the Internet…

How chatbots help improve business performance

Of course, no one has canceled viral marketing, but you should not forget about the initial tasks that a business sets by connecting a virtual assistant. We will talk about how to solve them as efficiently as possible in this material.

What business tasks does a chatbot solve?

For example, lead customers through an auto-sales funnel, inform about the status of an order, instantly respond to requests, and perform many other functions.

Correctly configured algorithms for answering questions will help unload technical support and the sales department and free up a lot of time that “live” operators spend on the same answers to customers (while the chatbot works at any time of the day or night).

The era of chatbots came with the growing popularity of instant messengers. That is, the very “nutrient medium” where people began to spend more time. Every day, the number of users using messengers is growing, as well as, in fact, the number of bots.

With the development of synthesis and speech recognition technologies, voice assistants have appeared. And they become more and more perfect year by year, acquiring new “skills” and updating old ones. A full-fledged virtual assistant is not far off, which will solve even complex tasks without human intervention. There are many areas in which such a bot can replace most people: these are call center operators at the initial stage of processing applications (which is already happening everywhere), and technical support in common questions, and sales automation, and conducting surveys, and intelligent autoresponders . Even now, communication with voice assistants significantly relieves the work of the call center, increases sales and increases customer loyalty.

“Yes, they are stupid,” you say. Yes, so far even text assistants do not work perfectly, especially in Russian, but they, together with robotization, save huge resources for companies. Accordingly, more and more money will be invested in improving these technologies.

Valeriy Sidorenko, CEO of Interium digital agency

How the chatbot works to improve business performance

The work of any chat bot can be depicted schematically:

How chatbots help improve business performance

It all starts with a user request – a person sends a message to the company through some channel. It can be a virtual assistant on the site, a messenger, a regular call, etc. At the second stage, the client’s request is decrypted using a special technology, and then the chatbot, using the skills built into it, solves the problem. For this, external data is pulled from a database integrated with the chatbot or CRM.

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How chatbots help improve business performance

There are many services that help create and configure chatbots. TextBack is just one of them. There are no universal solutions for any task. It is worth choosing a platform individually, taking into account the availability of important functions specifically for your project.

The most popular ChatBot services : Cyfuture, Freshdesk, Engagely, Aimylogic , Flow XO , Botsify , etc.

Each service has its own instructions. For example, on the Aimylogic platform, a bot can be created using a special visual constructor:

How chatbots help improve business performance

The scenarios in which chatbots work also differ depending on the goals of the tool. Let’s take a closer look at what patterns of behavior can be used.

Scenarios for using chatbots

The virtual assistant can work according to different scenarios that you set up yourself. In the editor of the service you have chosen, you can set the conditions under which the bot will be launched: when you add a tag, when you first access it, when you subscribe, or when a subscriber writes a certain word. Also, if you have connected WhatsApp Business API, you can create template messages with buttons, pictures and PDF files.

Examples of such scripts were given by Daniil Rybnikov, senior marketer of the TextBack messenger marketing platform and chat bots.

Here are a few scenarios where a chatbot can work:

  • Mass mailing. A bot can talk about a product, an event, share useful material. Be sure to follow the rules of mailing lists: notify about the subscription, do not spam, give the opportunity to unsubscribe.
  • Transaction notifications. These are automatic replies after the completion of any transaction. For example, if the delivery status of an order has changed.
  • Sales and lead generation. For example, the user is sent for information from the site to the messenger. He is met by a bot. The subscriber has access to interactive buttons and commands with which he can get the necessary information, place an order, request a call back or call the manager.
  • Information support. Such a chatbot will help if subscribers have the same questions. For example, a bot recognizes a keyword in a request and sends a preconfigured response. Each bot should have a built-in manager call function.
  • Important notices. For example, about price changes, the imminent extension of the tariff.

The effectiveness of chat bots on real cases

The effectiveness of a chatbot is measured in terms of conversion. It is possible to add special tags depending on the client’s responses to the message – they can be analyzed and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the chatbot.

Daniil Rybnikov, Senior Marketer of the TextBack Messenger Marketing and Chatbot Platform

At the beginning of March, we told subscribers about our product “Official WhatsApp for amoCRM”. We needed to use the chat bot to determine our target audience (CA), that is, to segment those who entered the bot. In three days, we received 30% of subscribers who reached the end of the chatbot, and 75% of them were the most interested in the offer and were our target audience. This was done in order not to overload the sales department with messages and send only our target audience to them.

Another example is the TALKS conference, for which we gathered 2113 people. This is 93% of the 2268 registered participants. First, a landing page was created with a registration form to collect contacts. After registration, the participant could choose a convenient messenger for him to receive useful materials. After that, we sent him messages with a reminder of the event three times, at intervals of 2 days, and sent him useful content on the topic of the event. All message chains were sent using a chat bot.

Based on the experience of RGS Bank, Marina Dembitskaya identifies two tasks that the chatbot took on and did an excellent job with them.

A chatbot is a good tool that allows our clients to quickly get the necessary information in a convenient channel.The bot answers standard questions no worse than a human.

In addition, sales is also one of the functions of bots in financial institutions today. The conversion of calls with the help of a virtual voice operator is no less than that of a real call center employee, but at the same time, the cost of processing calls by a robot is much lower. The main thing is that this tool does not put barriers between the client and the bank employee, and if the bot has no answer to the question, or this answer does not suit the client, there was always a quick switch to the employee.

The introduction of a chatbot for an organization is a reduction in the burden on employees and the ability to focus on more complex and creative work, pay more attention to solving non-standard cases to increase customer loyalty.

A well-designed bot removes up to 40% of the workload from employees. Despite the fact that many companies claim that in 95% of cases the client really does not distinguish a robot from a living person, it is still impossible to achieve 100% accuracy in understanding the client by a bot, but the bot can ask again and clarify, and in case of failure, transfer to an employee Therefore, this technology of communication with the client is very promising and will be developed in the near future.

Anastasia Somova told us how the robot Lena appeared in Goodline and improved the conversion of successful applications to the company by 60%.

Goodline is the leader of the telecommunications market in Kuzbass. We have been working for 20 years. A few years ago, a chatbot was introduced into the work. Her name is Lena and she handles thousands of requests daily.

First of all, the Lena chatbot is an assistant for our subscribers, without any problems in a couple of clicks you can view the account details, take a deferment or block the service for a while. “Lena” can fix the Internet or television, and in case of repeated requests, it will offer to call the master. It will not be difficult for a subscriber to connect channel packages for Big TV and many other useful things our bot does. Her abilities do not end there, “Lena” is also able to sell and does it quite well. He can tell and sell you the Big TV set-top box, voice remote control and router, connect channel packages. Lena removes a huge part of the questions from the call center employees and helps to resell services and equipment.

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Lena is supported and developed by a bot developer who creates new and refines existing bot scripts. We also use artificial intelligence in our work, which, in turn, also needs to be trained. The learning process consists of the selection of phrases, various phrases that users write when referring to “Lena”. Based on these phrases, artificial intelligence understands what the subscriber wants to ask the bot, and launches the appropriate script.

Bot performance is one of the most important metrics for a product owner. For evaluation, we use conversion – the ratio between all requests and those resolved as a percentage. In our case, it is 60%, which is more than half of all technical support requests!

Lena is not just a bot, she is a pretty smart, constantly learning robot. Development and implementation take time, effort and money, but the results will give you much more.

More and more people prefer to write to the chat rather than call – it’s faster and more comfortable. And this is undoubtedly fueling the growth in popularity of chatbots. At the same time, for businesses, such robots are not only a tool for automating tasks and improving customer service, but also a good way to save on the advertising budget: a chatbot is able to warm up subscribers no worse than targeted advertising 😉

Introduce new tools, increase the effectiveness of advertising and business profitability, but do not forget about customers in the process of automation. Carefully set up conversation scenarios, update information and update messages for the bot at least once every two weeks. Let all the answers of your robot carry value, not nonsense. 😄

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