How do I clear my browser cache? It takes a moment and the results can be seen immediately

clear browser cache

How to clear the browser cache and for what purpose? Nowadays, you can have everything in your web browser. You use most of the services through it. You will surely notice the moment when your browser slows down. Clearing the cache can actually help speed up your work. Before doing so, however, it is worth bearing in mind the implications. 

If you decide to clear your cookies while clearing the cache in your browser, you will be logged out of all services that you use in your browser. Therefore, before starting the cleaning action, you should find out about all the consequences and protect your data that may be lost. 

What is the browser cache?

What is the browser cache?
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Often times, users are also faced with the name of the cache. It allows you to collect data from the browser in the memory of the user’s device – for example on a phone or laptop. Why is this happening? Such a procedure is aimed at speeding up the loading of websites. 

How do I clear my browser cache?

In the whole process of cleaning the browser, it is enough to follow a few steps, starting from entering the browser settings. Depending on whether you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or some other proposition, then the whole cache cleaning operation may differ from each other. However, this is not a complicated process and any user – even the less advanced one, can easily handle it . 

Google Chrome

  1. In the top right corner, tap the three vertical dots (next to your profile picture).  
  2. Press More Tools and then Clear Browsing Data . 
  3. Select the time range – From the beginning .
  4. Select the Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files boxes .
  5. Press Clear Data .

Microsoft Edge

  1. In the top right corner, tap the three vertical dots (next to your profile picture).
  2. Select Settings and Privacy, Search and Services .  
  3. Press Select items to clear and then Clear browsing data and Clear browsing data now . 
  4. Select Time Range . 
  5. Select the Cookies and other site data option . 
  6. Press Clear Now . 


  1. Enable the menu .
  2. Press Enter browsing history .
  3. Select Clear Browsing Data .
  4. Tick ​​Cache . 
  5. Select Clear Data . 


  1. Press the menu button . 
  2. Choose Settings .
  3. Press Privacy and Security .
  4. Find the Cookies and site data section, select Clear data .   
  5. Select the check mark Cookies and site data .
  6. Press Clear .   


  1. Launch your browser. 
  2. Choose Preferences .
  3. Press Privacy .
  4. Select Manage Website Data .
  5. Select Delete All .  

What happens after clearing the cache and cookies?

What happens after clearing the cache and cookies?
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After clearing cookies, first of all, you will log out of the services you use via the browser. Therefore, before doing this, it is worth checking that all passwords are saved by the user or remembered by the browser. Individual page settings may change after clearing the cache. Some pages may actually take longer to load when first loaded. 

How does cache and cookies work?

How does cache and cookies work?
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Cookies are files that are created by the pages visited by the user. In this way, the use of the pages is facilitated, as they record information related to browsing. In addition, specific web page elements are also cached – images are examples. Thanks to this, when you visit the website again, it will simply load faster. 

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How do I clear my browser cache? Thanks to this, you will be able to speed up the operation of your device. Depending on the browser, the process of clearing the cache itself may be slightly different. If the user doesn’t clean too often or has never done it before, there will be quite a lot of data to be erased. However, the whole operation is relatively simple and surely each user can handle it without the help of another person. 

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