There  are many sides to God of War , and one of the hardest challenges is finding all of Odin’s ravens. There are a total of 51 hidden birds in the game. Of course, this task will take you the most time. Most of Odin’s ravens can be found in Midgard, although a few were imprisoned in Alfheim and Helheim. You cannot immediately find all the ravens of Odin. Some will be inaccessible, so you will have to slightly move along the storyline.

Every time Kratos finds one of Odin's ravens, the God of War must throw his ax at him to instantly kill the bird. Ravens of Odin look the same. They have a translucent appearance with a green tint. 

It’s hard not to notice them. During the main playthrough of the game, without distraction, you will find about 11 ravens. To find the rest, you will have to digress to explore different parts of the game world.

What do these ravens mean? The first time Kratos and Atreus encounter Odin’s raven, it’s clear that the Norse god is watching the former Greek god and his son. 

While you can’t see Odin in God of War, his presence is felt throughout the game. He blocks the path to three of the nine worlds and forces his son Baldur to hunt Kratos and Atreus.

Destroying all of Odin’s ravens will earn you the Blinded Allfather achievement.

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Crossing (Midgard)

At the crossing we can find six ravens. The first time we visit this point, we can only get 4. The first raven is in the part where Kratos fights with the draugr. On the mountain behind, 2 draugr will spawn, throwing fire. 

The crow can be found right above them. We can also get it later: we will go past the raven after Kratos gets out of the ambush set by the marauders. We can find another raven after the quest with a sand bowl. 

She opens the round door. We follow into the tunnel and pass a little forward. We pass into the combat area, where the battle with the powerful troll Brenna Deidy will take place (or took place).

A blocked tunnel leads upstairs. The raven jumps along the very edge. Another raven is in the combat area where you fought the troll. On the edge in the center of the arena we can find a raven. Stand near the Norn box and look at the location. 

The very last raven is located in the burnt village, where you will get after the battle with Brenna Deidy. When we find ourselves in the village, we need to find a raven in front of the building on the right hand.

Shores of the Light Elves (Alfheim)

When you first visit Alfheim, we can find one raven. It is located on the shores of the Light Elves in the northwestern part of the Lake of Light. We get to the pier and turn left. 

We follow in the direction of the sanctuary and go out onto the balcony, from where we turn to the left. There we see a pedestal with a pillar of light. A raven sits on it.

Foothills (Midgard)

Here we can find only one raven. As soon as we are at the Foothills and there will be a black breath in front of us, we return to the top of the road. Before you stand on the platform, look to the left and see a raven at the top.

Crossing, task “New goal” (Midgard)

Odin’s next raven is at the Crossing. We can shoot him down as soon as we return there during the passage of the mission called “New Target”. There are six ravens in the Crossing in total. 

We found four of them earlier and described at the beginning of the article. As soon as we climb the well, we leave the witch’s gorge and get into the courtyard. On the left side is a chain that you need to climb up. Then we get to the ledge and follow the path forward. We are looking for another crow on the left.

Mountain (Midgard)

During the first visit to the Mountain, we can get 3 ravens of Odin. Inside the Mountain, behind the throne room, we see a bridge where you need to fight the Revenant and the Nightmares. There is a gap on the left side of the bridge. 

We head to the far part and inspect the supports that are located under the bridge. There we find a raven. Later we will meet Brock’s trading shop. Opposite this shop is a pit with Odin’s flying raven. 

After a while, you will need to find the cart. Kratos should use it as a makeshift elevator. In the room with the panel on which there is a cart, there is another raven in the far opening.

Body of Tamura (Midgard)

As soon as we find ourselves in an area called Tamura’s Body, we can find another crow. We go to the pier, from which we turn to the left, and at the highest point of the mountain we are looking for a crow.

Raven Rocks (Lake of Nine)

Wait for the low water phase, after which you will see the lower parts of the mountain range. The Norn Chest located here only opens towards the end of the game. We break the boards located on the wall to the northeast, in the highest region of the mountains, and ask Atreus to climb through the gap. 

He must attack the chain. We open the legendary chest, and in front of it we are looking for another crow.

Lookout Tower (Lake of the Nine)

We get to the pier of the Observation Tower and look up. We turn towards the northwest, in the direction of the Thor monument, and we see a raven. Another raven can be obtained at high tide, already on the first visit to the location, but it is much easier to postpone this moment and climb even higher.

Stone Falls (Lake of the Nine)

This raven can be attacked at high tide. This is best done towards the end of the mission called Hammerfall. When we explore Veithurgard. We talk with the ghost and look at the waterfall, which is located in the western part, behind the bridge. Raven is located on the highest point of the mountain.

Veithurgard (Lake of the Nine)

In Veiturgard we can find three ravens. The first raven is at Thor’s monument. The second raven can be found behind the boards in front of the altar, which keeps the Dragon Otra locked up. The last raven is behind the cobblestones on the left side of the central doors, in the castle of the gnome king.

Velunder Mines (Lake of Nine)

We get to the Velunder mines and moor to the shore. We look up and see a raven that is circling above us. It’s hard to hit, but it’s possible.

Storm Vault (Lake of Nine)

Tempest Vault will be available at low tide. On the back side of the island, turn to the north and see a raven at the top circling around a concrete pillar.

Valkyrie Council (Lake of Nine)

We look at the world map and see another raven hidden in the Council of Valkyries. In fact, this raven is hidden on the territory of the Mason Canal, in one of the boats. It can be seen if you stand on the bridge that leads from the Valkyrie Council. Or head to the coast northwest of Alfheim Tower.

Forgotten Caverns (Lake of Nine)

As soon as we are in the Forgotten Caverns at high tide, we can get a Norn Crate and 1 of 2 Ravens. The raven is at the top of the pole, holding the bells of the norn box. It’s on the left side of the coast. 

Another crow can only be found at low tide. From the Forgotten Caverns, we sail to the eastern area, after which we move to the northern area to the back side of the Svartalfheim tower. There we see a cave into which you need to swim (this is the road to the Royal Hollow and Konunsgard on the mission “Glory to the King”). 

We leave the canoe on the coast on the left side and climb to the highest point of the wall. We pass by another raven and look down from the highest point of the wall. From here you can throw an ax at a crow.

Konunsgard (Lake of the Nine)

During the mission called “Glory to the King” Kratos will be in Konunsgard. This will happen after the reunion of Brock and Sindri. In this place, you need to complete the side quest “The Flame of Reginn” associated with one of the three Dragons. 

As soon as we meet Sindri in Konunsgard, we head to the left along the path and look for a coffin with a Hel-walker. On the mountains behind the coffin is a raven.

Now you need to find the keys to the door of the dwarf king, and then eliminate the ogre and other opponents. Nearby there will be a pile of stones. We make a loop and find ourselves at the highest point of the arched opening. The crow can be found on the nearest rocks, to the southeast.

We can find another raven in the stone opening in front of the altar, which will captivate the very Dragon Reginn. To get another key of the dwarven king, you need to open the door. We destroy the bridge and, standing on its second half, look to the right side to see another raven.

We can find the next raven in the castle of the dwarf king. We pass through the doors on the right side and follow to the altar of Yotnur. We turn at the temple to the left and follow to the end of the large room to find the coffin. The crow can be seen above the coffin at the end of the tunnel.


Northrie Citadel (Lake of the Nine)

Some time after Sindri’s first request related to Fafnir’s Vault, the dwarf will send Kratos to Northri Keep. In it we can find 2 ravens. We can find the first raven in front of Sindri’s trading shop. The second raven is in front of the canoe, where we pick up a grindstone from the enemy. From the boat we look at the grate located on the right.

Fafnir’s Vault (Lake of Nine)

We can find the first raven after we get into the boat at the other end of Fafnir’s cave and get to his Vault. We turn to the right side and look into the distance to see the crow. Then we will meet Sindri who sells in his shop. We stand in front of the bench and turn to the left. We see another raven above us.

After the Sindri outlet, we get into the forest. In this place we are looking for another crow. It is located on the left side of us, in front of the first ledge. Climb up to the ledge and kill some draugr. 

On the right side we find the Norn box. On the left side of the box is the entrance to the Vault, which is not yet accessible. We are looking for another raven above the door. As soon as we manage to get into Fafnir’s vault, we are looking for another crow in the central room.

Death Island (Lake of Nine)

As soon as we find ourselves on the island of Death at low tide, we begin the search for the raven, which is located on the left side of the coast. We won’t be able to get close to it, but there is an opportunity to spot a raven through a hole in the mountain.

Iron Cove (Lake of the Nine)

We are waiting for the stage of low tide and follow to the island of Death. From this island we move by cable car to the Iron Bay and climb onto the remains of the ship at the highest point. 

We look in the direction between the west and the northwest and see a raven that is circling over the mountain. We throw the Leviathan ax at him. It may take several attempts.

Landsuther Mines (Lake of the Nine)

We can get to the Landsuter mines during Brock’s side quest “God from Malachite”. We are moving to Broca’s outlet, which is located away from the coast. Then we climb up the ledges. We look in the opposite direction from Brock’s outlet and see a raven circling above.

After a while, you need to fight the dark elves. We follow forward through the mines and before picking up Andvari’s hammer, we engage in battle with the dark elf lord on the wooden panel. We can find another crow on the next wall, behind a large number of boxes.

Tower of Niflheim

From the highest point of the tower of Niflheim, we turn to the right side and stand in front of the sunken ship located in the southern part. The raven is above him, next to the deck.

Task “Sickness” (Helheim)

When you first visit Helheim, we can find 3 ravens. We are looking for the first one upon arrival at this place. Making our way along the bridge of Tyr, we are looking for a ring where the Serpent’s Horn is located, and we will see a raven. 

We continue to move forward until we are forced to turn to the left in order to bypass the closed door. Then we follow to the right side and get into the war zone, which will be filled with Hel-walkers. 

Next, we find a rock from which the abyss is visible. Another raven flies above. To leave the combat area, we burn a few bushes and knock out a pillar. The crow can be found on the left side, from the point where the bushes were burned.

Return to Helheim with Atreus (Helheim)

As soon as we return to Helheim with Atreus, we can collect 3 more ravens. We follow through the bridge, after which we will stumble upon an overpass. Climb up and turn right. We ask Atreus to blow up the wall. On the opposite side we see a coffin, over which a raven is circling. As soon as we return to the central bridge, we follow to the second overpass.

We go up, but this time we turn to the left. We ask Atreus to blow up the wall again, after which we get into a hidden room with the Valkyrie. Another raven is behind the wall to our right. 

In the same secret room we go down the elevator down. As soon as he stops, we see a raven under the ceiling – the walls between the room and the place where the Valkyrie is located.

Wild forest

When we get the magic chisel on the mission, we can get into the secret rooms. We return to the estate of Kratos in Dikolesye and go through the backyard. We burn the bushes to climb higher, and we pass into the secret room. The Valkyrie will not be here, but you can find another raven.


Near most of the Valkyries there is one more crow. We follow the Mountain to Geira and turn left after entering the location where we have to fight the Valkyrie. Odin’s raven flies above. On the Foothills, where there was a fight with Geirdriful, before jumping into the pit to get to the location with the Valkyrie, we turn around and look up. 

Above the stairs there is Odin’s raven. At the Body of Tamura, where the Valkyrie Gunnar is located, immediately at the entrance to the arena we look to the right side and we see on the branch above the last raven of Odin.

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