How to promote a mobile app on Google Play?

Promote Apps on Google Play

The competition of mobile products in the stores is growing, and users are becoming more demanding on the visual and semantic component of the application page. In this article, using the Google Play Market as an example, we will tell you how to please the store’s search algorithms and what to look for when optimizing an application to bring it to the top.

Promotion of the application in the store is important for business, as the competition in the stores is extremely high and a potential user may not notice your application among hundreds of similar ones. But even after the user has seen the application and went to its page, he will look at screenshots, ratings, reviews, and only then decide whether to download it or not. In order for the number of installs to constantly grow, it is necessary to optimize the page for the search algorithm, make it visually attractive and informative. To help you meet all the requirements for an app store page, we’ve created a checklist with brief abstracts and tips.

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Why Promote Apps on Google Play?

The Google Play Store is a marketplace for apps and other multimedia content (games, books, music, and movies) for Android devices. 

To date, new applications are released every day . They are produced by both small startups and large companies with appropriate promotion budgets. The variety of choice influences users: they tend to choose apps that appear in the top ten search results in the store. This list is influenced not only by search algorithms, but also by the rating of the application, the current location of the user, the history of his search and installations. 

Properly organized work on optimizing the application page will pay off with an increase in installs. So, thanks to the complex work on the Consent client application, we managed to attract 230% more organic installs than before the optimization. 

In order for your application to become more visible in the search results, you need to regularly optimize its page, monitor user reviews and quickly fix errors in your work. All this will allow you to maintain a high app ranking and maintain organic conversion.

How are apps ranked on Google Play?

The first position in the search results is always occupied by a paid advertisement, and then the most popular applications, which are ranked by the search term entered. It is these applications that collect the most transitions, and they are most often installed. It is important to note that search results are affected by the popularity of search queries depending on the time of year. If you are promoting a sporting goods store, then you need to take into account that users are more likely to search for skis and skates in winter, and bicycles and scooters in summer.

To promote an application in the store, you cannot do without ASO (App Store Optimization).

ASO is a set of measures aimed at increasing the visibility of a mobile application in the store (Google Play, App Store, etc.)

Let’s take a look at the main elements of a mobile app page on Google Play that have a direct impact on visibility and install conversion.

Text optimization

App name

The allowed length for the application title is 30 characters including spaces.

The title affects the ranking of the application, so it should use as many of the most relevant and high-frequency keywords as possible.

Keywords for the name should reflect the main function of the application or the user task that it is designed to solve. Often, mobile product developers make the mistake of using only the name of the brand or company in the title.

Only globally known big brands can afford to have apps with such names. Otherwise, you risk degrading the app’s visibility.

How to promote a mobile app

Developer name

The name of the developer’s company also affects the ranking in the search results. In addition, an attractive developer account name can entice users to go to a page with a complete list of your applications published in the store. When creating a developer account, it is advisable to include a relevant search query in its name.

promote a mobile app on Google Play


The project’s system name, which appears in the “id=” URL parameter, is also indexed. Therefore, we recommend that you include a relevant search term in your application project name whenever possible.

mobile app on Google Play

Short description

The allowed length for the application brief description is 80 characters including spaces.
How are apps ranked on Google Play

The purpose of the brief description is to describe in two or three short sentences in more detail about the key features of the application mentioned in the title and describe its competitive advantages. Overspam should be avoided: the brief description should contain as few repetitions of keywords from the title as possible. Try to find words that the user can use to search for your application.

Basic Description

The allowed length for the main description is 4,000 characters including spaces.

The main description on Google Play is indexed. It should include as many words and phrases that are relevant to the subject of the application, regardless of their frequency. A list of such words can be compiled based on the descriptions of your competitors’ applications and the most popular searches in the category.

In the description, only the first few sentences are visible on the page. It is in this part of the text that it is worth talking about all the most important, since it is likely that the user will not read the description to the end. We recommend that the first 2-3 sentences of the main description follow the same principle as the short description in order to catch the user’s attention.

Promote Apps on Google Play

Describe the functions of the application in simple language, without scientific formulations and terms. Avoid a lot of repetitions of the same high-frequency words, as this is considered overspam and negatively affects indexing. The optimal repetition frequency is 1 keyword/phrase per 250 characters. To check for spam in the text, there is a free tool Text Analyzer .

Graphic optimization


The icon must be associated with the application. If the interface of your application is made in orange, then make the graphics on the store page in the same design. Limit yourself to a prominent recognizable logo for the icon. Do not add text to the app icon as it will be difficult to read.


  • 32-bit PNG file with alpha channel.
  • Size: 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Maximum file size: 1024 KB.


Use the available number of screenshots to the maximum – 8 screenshots.

On the first three screenshots, we recommend placing the most important information that prompts the user to download the application. Show the functionality of the application and highlight the unique competitive advantages of your service. The text should fill no more than 20% of one screenshot.


  • Format: JPEG or 24-bit PNG without alpha channel.
  • Minimum size: 320 pixels.
  • Maximum size: 3840 pixels.
  • The ratio of the long side to the short side is not more than 2:1.
  • At least 4 screenshots.
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The video also affects the ranking, so it is advisable to place it in the store. The video plays automatically for the first 30 seconds, so try to fit the most important benefits, application features and user experience into this time.

We recommend adding sound to make it more interesting for the user to watch the video. However, it should be possible to watch without sound, so you should add easy-to-read text or use subtitles for the video.

The video is posted initially on YouTube, after that, in the "Video" field in the "Graphics" section on the application page, you need to enter the URL. Do not forget to make a thumbnail for the video so that it blends harmoniously with the screenshots on the app page.

Working with ratings and reviews

Most users look at an app's rating and read reviews before downloading it. Therefore, an important part of ASO is dealing with negative comments. Listen to user feedback and try to help them.

To make it easier and faster to respond to reviews, we recommend:

  1. Prepare a file with typical problems faced by the user
  2. For each problem, write several answers that can help the user to understand the situation on their own.

If the user cannot solve the problem on his own, you should transfer communication with him to the mail or contact by phone.

In no case do not try to improve your rating by cheating through bots. This negatively affects the ranking of the application. This will result in you wasting your money, as the moderation system will downgrade the app due to the behavioral factors of such installs.

Promoting an app on the Google Play Store is an ongoing process. We need constant monitoring of trends, analysis of competitors and daily work with reviews. Try to optimize your app page at least once every few months, update screenshots, add relevant information to them, and include as many keywords as possible in the description text to increase the visibility of the app and increase organic installs.

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