How to share Google Calendar? Here’s what you can do to make it easier to collaborate with others

share Google Calendar

How to share Google Calendar? Life is very dynamic, and thus, more and more people are convinced to work with online notebooks and calendars. What is the advantage of such a solution? First of all, you always have everything with you. Also, information can be shared very easily. In this way, you can share individual events or even the entire calendar so that other colleagues can access it . 

What is Google Calendar?

This is one of the most popular online calendar services. You can use it on any device where you only have access to the Internet. All because Google Calendar works via a web browser. In devices with Android or iOS, you can also use the mobile application. Google Calendar itself is a very simple application and provides fast operation. 

Its operation is intuitive and does not require any serious training. If you use other Google services such as Gmail and Google Keep on a daily basis or at work, then everything will work well together and ensure the flow of information, saving your time in the same way. Of course, you can also use other calendars on Android and there are a lot of them.

Why share Google Calendar?

Why share Google Calendar?

This is a very important element of teamwork. In this way, you can see above all how available the other person is and when you can, for example, make an appointment. This makes it much easier to organize all the team’s work. Using the calendar, you can also specify the time for performing specific activities and activities. 

Is it safe to share Google Calendar?

There is nothing dangerous about it as long as the user does not make any mistakes himself. We are talking here primarily about sharing your calendar with another user who will receive access to your events and all the information you keep in your calendar. Therefore, during this activity, you should be very careful and carefully check to whom you are sending the ability to view the calendar. 

How to share Google Calendar? This is a very simple activity

This question may appear in your head very quickly – right after the first steps with the service from the technological giant. This is not a difficult activity, but in fact sometimes it is not easy to get the hang of it at first glance. Follow these steps: 

  1. Open Google Calendar . 
  2. On the left, you need to find the My Calendars section . Then expand using the arrow next to it. 
  3. Select the calendar you want to share and select More .
  4. Click on Settings and Sharing .
  5. Find the Share with selected people section .
  6. Add people you want to see your calendar. 
  7. Press Send .
  8. The recipient will receive an email – they must accept the request to see the shared calendar. 

From now on, when you open Google Calendar, you will see the events of the user who made the share. Of course, you don’t need to see it all the time, and you can turn off visibility and return to view whenever you actually need it. 

How to share Google Calendar? It is not a difficult activity. All you need to do is find the option hidden in the service settings. Next, it remains to specify the users who will be able to view the events. After accepting the request that the recipient will receive by e-mail, all events will be visible in his calendar. Sharing a calendar is a great convenience in everyday teamwork. 

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