Intel and AMD not for Russia

Russia can only count on its processors – Intel and AMD refuse to sell it further

Russia boasted about its own processors some time ago. These will prove indispensable to this country, as it can no longer rely on technology from the USA. Well, Intel and AMD, the two largest manufacturers of x86 processors in the world, have just suspended supplies of industrial chips for Russia. 

This means that while the weaker consumer units will go to the computers of average Russians, the most efficient ones, designed for research or advanced production, will bypass Russia a wide berth.

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Intel and AMD not for Russia

Intel and AMD not for Russia
Intel and AMD not for Russia

The move is linked to US sanctions against Russia for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, processor manufacturers took their own initiative. 

Well, the export ban itself is to apply only from March 3, while the Blue and Reds have already canceled all deliveries of industrial units. 

Considering that Russia is one of their largest customers, the opposite would be expected, i.e. a sudden increase in exports before they come into force. As you can see, both companies value a positive image in the civilized part of the world and higher values ​​above immediate profit.

Sanctions could result in an immediate shortage of server hardware and high-tech equipment used in a variety of industries, including aviation, banking and space research. Thus, it will be a huge blow to the Russian economy, which is already not doing very well. 

This will block the possibility of its development, while possible system failures may mean a complete stoppage in the operation of numerous corporations and government agencies . It is also worth noting that the Elbrus-8C , a processor of Russian design, has not recently passed industrial stress tests. 

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Moreover, it is an ARM unit, so switching to it is not that easy when working in an environment typical for the x86 architecture. Russia, contrary to local propaganda, is unable to become independent from Western technologies. And now this country will have to suffer the consequences.

Source: TechSpot

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