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JBL Live Pro + SE is a bright limited edition of the TWS headphone range for everyday use. They create a completely wireless immersion experience in the legendary sound of the brand. Fresh shades in the style of “chrome” literally hint to put headphones under the tree for all lovers of high-quality sound, but first let’s get to know them better.


The headphones are delivered in a box made of thick cardboard, which is painted in the JBL brand colors familiar to all fans – white and orange. On the back there is a transparent window that allows you to immediately appreciate the design of JBL Live Pro + SE live.

Every time I get hold of JBL gadgets, I experience the aesthetic pleasure of unboxing – the manufacturer’s concern for the first impressions of the user is felt.

As for the package bundle, the set in the package is as follows: headphones, a charging case, replaceable silicone ear pads, a power cable and various documentation. All this is very tightly and securely packed, so nothing dangles during transportation.

The case is made of very high quality plastic, which is also tactilely pleasant. The front panel has a three-bar charge indicator – this is a very convenient solution. It clearly shows the state of charge. Thus, it is not even necessary to unlock the phone to see when you need to recharge the headphones.

There is a USB-C connector on the back of the case. The earbuds are held securely inside by magnetic mounts and will not fall out even if the case is turned over. The bottom surface is equipped with a wireless charging pad. In general, the design of the case makes a pleasant impression – all the elements are well-matched to each other.

The earbuds are made in the form factor “with legs”, in which the batteries, contacts for recharging and magnets are hidden so as not to jump out of the case. On the outer surfaces there are touch surfaces for controlling functions. The case is IPX4 protected, which means they don’t care about sports and walking in the rain.


To operate all the functions of JBL Live Pro + SE, you need to install the JBL Headphones app from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. Some devices offer to do this automatically after the first connection with the headphones. There is support for Google Fast Pair technology, which provides the ability to quickly connect to Android smartphones.

The JBL Headphones app is well known to fans of the brand. It allows you to customize control gestures, customize the sound to your individual needs with an equalizer, and switch between profiles of the noise reduction system. Also, using the program, the firmware of the headphones is updated.

The built-in equalizer should be noted separately. For those who don’t really like to bother with the frequency curve, there are built-in presets. Lovers of fine-tuning the sound will have the opportunity to manually adjust the frequencies to their perception in the JBL Headphones app.

The adaptive noise reduction system JBL Live Pro + SE through the application is presented in three modes:

  • Casual – setting that mutes ambient sounds
  • Road – Optimal noise cancellation for travel and public transport
  • Active is the strongest level

Transparency mode is represented by two options: Ambient Aware and TalkThru. In the first case, the JBL Live Pro + SE turns into “open-back headphones” that let the surrounding sounds pass through. This feature is useful to keep abreast of your outdoor environment. The second option allows you to communicate freely with your interlocutors without removing your headphones.

Also, the application provides a section of settings “Smart Audio & Video”. It consists of three modes:

  • Normal – Maintains a stable connection in a busy environment
  • Audio – in my opinion, this is the best mode for listening to music and podcasts
  • Video – Reduces latency to properly sync audio and video tracks

Speaking of functionality, I would like to note two more important advantages – Dual Connect and support for voice assistants. The first allows you to use only one earphone. This can be useful as a headset while driving. And with the help of Google or Alexa assistants, you can control the headphones with commands.


All JBL products have a consistent signature sound, which is very difficult to confuse with the sound of other manufacturers. Live Pro + SE are no exception. Headphones sound excellent in all genres, for this special thanks to the flexible equalizer settings.

The low frequencies are especially well developed in the JBL Live Pro + SE scene . In general, the headphones have a fairly wide musical panorama, in which the middle and high ones do not get lost in a mess against the background of rich bass.

Long-term listening with adaptive noise canceling does not cause discomfort. The system works organically, cutting out various monotonous noise in every possible way. This is quite enough for thoughtful and thorough listening without being distracted by external factors.

Also, it will not be superfluous to mention the good quality of voice transmission. Behind this is also a triple microphone noise cancellation technology and wind noise blocking. The interlocutor hears speech clearly and distinctly without the intrusive admixture of ambient sounds.


JBL claims up to 7 hours of playtime and up to 21 hours with the case. In fact, the battery life indicator corresponds to the declared one with accuracy. Sometimes it was possible to squeeze out about 20 minutes more from Live Pro + SE, but let’s attribute this information to a statistical error.

With the noise canceling system on, the headphone battery life is reduced by about 1 hour to about 6 hours. It is important to understand that the environment greatly affects battery life. For example, in winter with severe frosts, these indicators may decrease.


The cost of JBL Live Pro + SE is from 8,999 rubles. For this amount, you get headphones with a bouncy design, decent sound and a high-quality noise canceling system. Thus, we get a very interesting offer in the category of devices up to 10,000 rubles.

We will also add to the list of advantages: new colors that look fresh against a background of white and black, a comfortable fit, wide functionality and a tangible margin of autonomy.

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