Latest Social Media Trends 2022 : CONTINUE TO DOMINATE

Latest Social Media Trends 2022

Production and promotion of content is a laborious process. In order to properly distribute their forces and get the most out of publications, it is important for SMM specialists and marketers to follow trends. They will help create relevant content for users and increase the coverage of accounts. 

Trends change at a fast pace, but some of them are predictable and can already be used today to be popular tomorrow. We have prepared the TOP 8 trends in SMM 2022. 

1. Interaction with influencers

Even if you are a B2B company, the presence of bloggers in your social networks will not be superfluous. Regular engagement with influencers can make them a powerful tool for building trust in the industry. 

As influencers, it is better to attract not only users with a large number of subscribers - microbloggers with a small but active community are more likely to bring you the desired result. 
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2. Shopping through social networks

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social networks have become elements of a large e-commerce market. This trend will especially appeal to companies focused on brand promotion. By combining an online store and a social network account, you promote both the brand and products at the same time. If there is no need to visit third-party pages (marketplace, online store, etc.), the visitor is more immersed in the brand and its visual. Thus, you combine a blog and a product platform, the visitor only has to go to the site to pay for the goods. 

Latest Social Media Trends 2022

Interestingly, in the past year, mainly clothing brands and sellers of consumer goods posted their goods on social networks. Today we see even automotive brands using Instagram as a marketplace. 

Latest Social Media Trends 2022

3. Paid promotion 

The trend that brands should look at in 2022 is results-oriented social media promotion strategies. Social networks allow brands through paid promotion to present their creative to the target audience directly. With the right creative, targeting, and constant optimization, this promotion channel can significantly increase brand revenue and profits.

4. Short videos

Snack content has become wildly popular in 2021 and will continue to be trendy in the coming year. Short videos on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories, or Reels quickly engage users in content viewing and at the same time broadcast the brand’s voice and messages. This ad format will not visually stand out from the feed and will be perceived as UGC (user-generated content).


Bargain time♬ Promoted Music – Sberbank

The beginning of the video looks like a regular video of a TikTok user, and only at the end does the Sberbank banner appear. @Samsung

Fulfill the dreams of loved ones. Give Galaxy!♬ Promoted Music – Samsung

Samsung hasn't changed the ad creative much, but it has also adapted to the vertical video format. 

5. Less sense

The point of Reels and TikTok short videos is that they make no sense. Yes, it is viral videos (dances, challenges, memes, etc.) that fall into the recommendations. Perhaps such content does not quite correspond to the company’s communication strategy, but it will help open the brand to the audience from a new side.

You can involve employees in creating content, remove the meaning from the videos and make it just “fun”. 

6. Expert opinion

The popularity of content based on publicly available and verified data is growing. Social networks are overflowing with entertaining content and subjective opinions, and users lack evidence: scientific data, statistics, research, etc. In your publications, it is better to link to authoritative sources, provide relevant evidence of the information you post, and this will help you stand out from the information noise.  

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7. Loyal community

The impression of a brand is formed not only from personal contact with it, but also from the feedback of people who interact with it. Through social media posts, a loyal community will broadcast the idea and values ​​of the brand. The reason for such publications may be your request or, for example, a funny design of your product. But it is worth remembering that one wrong step by one of the members of such a community can lead to the “ cancellation ” of the entire brand. 

8. Face of the brand

The “humanization” trend has been with us in 2021 and will remain in 2022, continuing to encourage brands to showcase the personality of a person who is directly related to the company. The purpose of this trend is to show that the brand has a face, it is not some abstract “company”, but a team of people working on the realization of a common idea. 

“Samokat” on its Instagram account regularly publishes the stories of its couriers in the “tell about yourself” format, where they share not only part of their life in the company, but also talk about their hobbies, interests and plans for the future. Suppliers of products for the company also share their business stories and reasons for partnering with the retailer. 

Ikea has long been in trend (if not created it) and announces company news on its YouTube channel. Ikea managers themselves talk about their work, and offline stores place portraits of their designers right next to the products they have created. 

Social networks will make your brand stronger and increase its awareness if you increase the brand's presence in them and follow the trends. Following trends is not a panacea, but this approach will help you create relevant content that will appeal to your target audience.

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