LG TV. How to turn off the voiceover?

How to turn off the voiceover on LG TV

LG TVs, like many other manufacturers of this type of devices, are becoming more and more friendly to people with disabilities, incl. with hearing and vision problems. Voice assistant, popularly known as a teacher, is an invaluable help for visually impaired users. However, not everyone knows how to turn off the guide when it is not needed.

So what if none of the users of a given TV set suffers from vision problems and does not require the help of a voice assistant? The audio description function can be turned off without any problems. In our short guide, we explain step by step how to quickly and conveniently turn off the voiceover on your LG TV.

turn off the voiceover on your LG TV

Disabling the voiceover (audio recording) on ​​the LG Smart TV. Method one

Modern Smart TV sets are friendly to many user groups – the elderly, children and people with disabilities. One of the evidence here is the presence of the so-called audio description, i.e. a teacher.

The voice assistant function is becoming a standard also on other smart devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, allowing the use of the Internet to the largest possible group of recipients. The voice-over can appear on the LG Smart TV under the name of Google Assistant, audio description or voice guidance.

When the voice assistant (audio description) option is activated on the LG TV, while browsing the menu, the user can expect help from the device in the form of audio information – individual options will be read aloud by the voice-over.

How to turn off the voiceover on the LG TV? First open the device settings by pressing the “settings” or “all settings” button on the TV remote control. Moving in the menu using the arrows on the remote control, we look for the option “accessibility”. After selecting it, a short list of further options will appear – among them, select “audio description” (voice assistant).

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It is worth noting that in the bar of this option, we will be able to observe a small slider that illustrates turning on or off the voiceover on the LG TV. After clicking “auto description” while browsing the menu, Amazon Prime, Disney + or Netflix applications, the voice assistant will no longer accompany us.

Disabling the voiceover (audio recording) on ​​the LG Smart TV

The second way to turn off the voiceover on the LG TV set

Among the wealth of different models of TV sets of one brand, there are often some differences not so much in the design of the receivers , but also in the names of functions, which – as a rule – perform the same tasks. Although they are usually very similar to each other, there are such situations that they can confuse even an experienced user of electronic devices.

An example may be LG TV sets, in which switching off the lector is possible in the same way as described previously, but with different function definitions. Proof? On certain LG TV models, audio description is defined as audio cues.

So how to turn off the voiceover on the LG TV when the appearing settings differ from those described in the first part of the guide?
On the remote control, in place of the familiar “settings” button, there may be a “gear icon” “button. After pressing it, a list of options will appear on the TV screen – select “all settings” and then “accessibility”. The last step is to find the “audio guidance” option in the list. After clicking on it, the reader on the LG TV is turned off.

How to turn off Google Assistant or Alexa voiceover on LG TV?

Smart TVs offer a very useful feature of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and using the Internet. Thanks to this, the voice control option of this type of receiver can be easily configured with a teacher in the form of Google Assistant or Alexa. The TV set will not only “read” the messages displayed on the screen , but will also allow you to control it using voice commands. How to turn off the voiceover on the LG TV in this situation?

On the remote control, press the button “settings” and then “all settings”. Next, in the settings menu, select “general”, then “user agreements”, and then “about this TV”. In the new list we will see four commands: “terms of use”, “privacy policy”, “viewing information” and “voice information”. ).

We deselect all options except the first, which are the terms of use, and after confirming the decision with the “agree” button, the reader on the LG TV is turned off. Finally, the TV will restart.

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