Machine learning is coming: new realities of life, new opportunities in marketing

Machine learning is coming:

If it seems to you that artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning are all somewhere far away, in the office of Elon Musk or IBM, and we live and act in the old fashioned way, you are deeply mistaken. Advanced developments are being introduced into our daily life imperceptibly for ourselves, making it many times more comfortable. Let’s figure it out:

  • What is machine learning in simple words?
  • How does it make our lives easier every day?
  • What are its capabilities in marketing and analytics?

Wikipedia says:

Machine learning (ML) is a form of artificial intelligence whose characteristic feature is not the direct solution of a problem, but learning in the process of solving many similar problems.

Simply put, machine learning is a process in which a computer learns to do something on the basis of existing data, and does not follow given algorithms.

If the store sold instant machine learning, the box would say, “Just add data.”

Supreme Algorithm. How machine learning will change our world

Pedro Domingos

Man created the computer, and the computer made the Internet possible. The Internet, in turn, has given rise to a huge flow of data and, with it, the problem of choice. Machine learning is the solution to this limitless choice.

The main idea is continuous self-improvement. True and false results are entered into the database, making the algorithm more accurate. Basically, machine learning is a technology that teaches itself.
Machine learning

The first machine learning was born back in 1950, when the programmers of that time first managed to teach a computer to play checkers. Since then, the power, speed, and capabilities of artificial intelligence have grown. As a result, today machine learning solves complex problems, builds multiple forecasts and is actively used by all of us.

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How does this happen?

You wake up, drink coffee, and at the same time look at Facebook to read the latest news from your friends. Welcome to the world of Facebook machine learning!

Here is content personalization, and an army of Facebook Messenger chatbots, and the latest development literally rolls its eyes in amazement – first it opens, then it rounds.

Machine learning

We have been using various photo editing programs and applications for a long time, but to fix the situation “I blinked, let’s do it again!” so far none of them have been able to. Facebook’s new research, the Generative Adversarial Network machine learning system, is able to solve this problem.

Okay, after “breakfast” with social networks, it’s time to go to work. You pick up your phone, place an order… and the application suggests the most convenient starting point, travel time, route to avoid traffic jams, etc. All this became possible thanks to the huge amount of data accumulated during the operation of the application.

As you ride in the cab, google what to do tonight. Thousands of algorithms are activated at the same time to most accurately answer your request. The voice assistant is ready to help, personalized advertising shows door locks, not forgetting about your repair, an online translator fills in all the gaps in knowledge of the English language, neural networks recognize the necessary pages…

We’ve arrived! We pay for the taxi with a card and jump out of the car. At the same time, we don’t even think about how this card came to us: but for this, your bank has collected and carefully analyzed a bunch of information, compared millions of transactions, and sometimes even your likes and reposts in social networks … It literally turned you into a set of characteristics. To keep you satisfied, cashback is credited to you on time, and if you are too satisfied, and this is noticeable in your transactions, expect a super profitable deposit offer by mail soon.

The cases when we encounter machine learning in everyday life are endless: email spam detection, text recognition, voice assistants, recommender systems, etc.

Machine learning is transforming all areas of our lives: both everyday and professional – science, business, politics, medicine … and, of course, marketing.

Machine learning in marketing

The biggest application in marketing is the possibility of personalization. Every day, an uncountable amount of data is generated: who, what, how old, what preferences, etc. Algorithms process this data and record the most successful solutions. The result is the ability to individualize advertising content, giving each user a suitable one for him personally.

This opens up new opportunities for email marketing. Segmentation, automation and personalization of the mailing list are already producing excellent results.

Other opportunities in marketing: work of CRM systems, analysis and writing of text, marking of reviews (SERM), selection of the most clickable images, conversion requests, etc.

Based on the ever-increasing amount of data, analytics is also changing significantly. Machine learning makes it more automated, scalable, faster, and thus has a greater impact on the business.

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Machine learning in analytics: SmartTag

SmartTag , a tool for automatic content evaluation and call marking.

SmartTag listens, analyzes, tags, doesn’t go on vacation…

It is based on the technology of continuous spontaneous speech recognition from the Center for Speech Technologies and the neural network developed by us.

For example, if you want to understand the ratio of new and returning customers among those who contacted you, or track the topics of these requests, or the gender of those who applied, etc. – manually listen and tag each call is possible only if there are a small number of them. And when there are a lot of them? You have to hire an individual or contractors who need to be paid a lot, constantly monitored and periodically rechecked.

SmartTag technology is also able to improve in the process of work: the tool becomes more accurate with each call, it can be additionally taught the terminology of your business or your advertising messages.

What future awaits us?

Machine learning is not the future, but the realities of today. It not only greatly facilitates the work of marketers and analysts by solving routine tasks. But it also processes a huge amount of data every day: segments, systematizes, and issues decisions based on them.

However, if someone is confident in the benefits, then someone experiences serious concerns. After all, if machines are able to learn so quickly and solve almost all tasks many times more efficiently, then what kind of labor market awaits us in the future? Machines are already automating many processes and taking jobs away from administrators, analysts, optimizers…

And indeed: if in 2010. at the World Cup, the outcome of the game was predicted by the octopus Paul, then at this championship even he lost his job!

A group of researchers from Germany and Belgium decided to entrust this difficult task to artificial intelligence. They built a predictive model based on several factors at once: FIFA rating, the population of the country, its GDP, the number of players who play in one club, the number of Champions League finals won.

But attention: according to artificial intelligence, Spain should have won. Spain, which, as we all remember very well (and will not forget for a long time), was completely unexpectedly beaten by our team!

Well, perhaps machines will continue to excel us at solving complex and repetitive problems, while humans can tackle new, more interesting situations. Such human qualities as emotional stability, creativity, intuition will be valued even more.

Our task in the current realities is to understand the modern world and quickly adapt. At the same time, invest not only in technology, but also in your own education: to acquire a new vision of the world, while strengthening and developing skills that are inaccessible to machines.

One machine can do the work of five ordinary people, but no machine can do the work of a talented person.

Elbert Hubbard

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