Need a free software for sound recording (processing) from a microphone and a computer? Yes Audacity


Sometimes, for one reason or another, we may need a relatively simple program for recording sound from a microphone , for a computer or laptop. In this case, you can try Audacity.

Audacity is a tricky freeware program for recording sound from a computer, it is also software for cutting and processing audio. At the moment, the application is really very popular and this is largely due to its ease of use.

Simple and free audio processing software

The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the interface, which is as simple as possible. Absolutely all functions are concentrated on the main page, and you can select them by simply navigating through the small windows.

Audacity supports almost all modern file formats, while doing a pretty good job of recognizing legacy audio formats.

Since this is a program for recording and processing sound, the interface is represented by several tracks laid out on the main screen. Above are sections in which you can individually select various functions for processing an audio file.

A big advantage of this application is the presence of a built-in recorder, which allows you to make fast and high-quality sound recording from a microphone.

Program installation

Speaking about the use of the program in real conditions, the question arises, connected with its installation. In fact, everything is done very simply if you follow the sequence of actions.

First, you need to download the Audacity audio recording software from the official website, where there are versions for the main operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

free software for sound recording Audacity

The file weight is relatively small, therefore, in a few seconds you can start installing.

After opening the downloaded file, you need to click on the install button, select the language and agree with all the standard conditions. This completes the installation of the Audacity program, however, there is one more important nuance.

If you do not have the audio codec package installed on your computer, the program will require the installation of the lame_inc.dll library in order to save any audio recording.

This problem can be easily solved by downloading the K-Lite Mega Codeck Pack . Or, when you try to save the processed audio file, the software will notify you that you need to download the missing library and redirect you to the desired site for downloading.

Audacity free audio processing

The complete installation of the program, with all possible packages, should not take more than five minutes. I also want to draw your attention to the sequence of actions during installation. I advise you to download the installation file from the official website, and the missing library by clicking on the link in the program. Otherwise, there is a risk of all sorts of viruses entering the system, which will definitely not bring you anything useful.

Features and Benefits

Speaking of opportunities, I would like to touch upon as many points as possible. But, since the functions of Audacity are wide, I have taken into account only the key options of the program. Moreover, this is a handy program for sound processing and noise removal.

Working with files of any size

The user can load files of any size into the program and this in no way interferes with the file processing. At the output, several codecs will be combined at once, which will also reduce the file size.

Record from any sound sources

This suggests that Audacity is not only a program for recording sound from a computer screen, the user can record his own voice from a microphone or make audio recordings from two sources, which can be further processed using this application.

Editing sound while recording

The functions are useful because most of these programs do not have these capabilities. In fact, we have the ability to completely adjust the sound at the stage of its recording and, if necessary, make various adjustments to it. Thus, it is possible to simplify the process of processing, cutting and gluing individual elements.

Remove noise, hiss, background

Many faced a similar problem when recording sound. The Audacity program contains a lot of settings for processing and eliminating extraneous noise. At the same time, we have the ability to clear individual parts of the audio file. The process of cleaning the sound takes place in several stages, and at the output, you get a truly clear sound, without unnecessary noise.

Applying effects and filters to audio recordings

In the case of insufficient crystal sound, various kinds of effects can be used. This is also done easily, and given the large selection, you can save almost any poorly recorded file.

By applying a certain effect or filter to an audio recording, you can easily eliminate imperfections by adding or reducing: softness, volume, volume level, bass, and so on. It all depends on your preferences.
In fact, this is only a small part of what Audacity can do. It can be used as a converter, changing the key, working with multiple tracks.


It can be concluded that Audacity is not in vain that it is very popular. Considering that it is free, Russified, easy to use and has ample opportunities for sound processing, its usefulness is beyond doubt.

Audacity - free software for sound recording

Speaking about the advantages of the program, I would like, first of all, to pay attention to the simplicity of the interface. Despite the huge number of possibilities, everything is simplified as much as possible, so it will not be difficult for you to figure it out.

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