One step before the purchase: how to design the Contacts page

how to design the Contacts page

Many companies do not pay enough attention to the “Contact” page. Limited to phone number, address and directions. Meanwhile, it is one of the most important commercial ranking factors. It forms the audience’s confidence in the organization, this section directly determines whether the site visitor becomes a lead, and then a client or not. How to properly arrange the page, read in our material. 

Why do I need to write detailed contact information?

"Contacts" is the most important page on the site, it is on it that the client enters after he has familiarized himself with the assortment and made a decision to purchase. It should be as convenient, understandable, informative as possible and inspire unconditional trust. 

Lack of contacts or careless filling of the page provokes questions and doubts in people. Don’t miss the chance to bring customers to you in ways that are convenient for them: some like to talk on the phone, while others are more willing to contact you by mail or on social networks. 

In addition, the availability of data is taken into account by search engines and affects promotion. The “Contact” page is one of the most important commercial factors by which a site is judged. It is better if you have several different ways to contact, so that there is no feeling that you are deliberately not indicating direct contacts. 

All contacts must be valid, complete and well-formed. It’s great if the names and photos of specific managers are placed on the page – this will significantly increase trust. 

What tasks can the “Contacts” page solve: 

  • attracting customers and new employees; 
  • sales growth;
  • increased confidence;
  • increase in time spent on the site;
  • increase in conversions and leads;
  • high ranking. 

What should be on the “Contacts” page

Phone number

A contact phone number is the easiest and fastest means of communication, it must be on the site. If you expect to work with international clients, do not forget to write down the city and country codes. 

how to design the Contacts page

It will be a big plus if you specify several numbers of different operators. The client will appreciate your care when he has the opportunity to choose the most favorable tariff for him. If the work is going on in several departments at once, indicate the numbers of each of them. This applies to all branches of the company. 

If you have a representative office in the regions, in this case you need to indicate the phone number in the format 8-800, a free call to it Yandex evaluates it as a good commercial ranking factor. 

In order not to lose people interested in your product, provide a callback function. And for mobile users – a call in one click. 

Mailing address

The "Contacts" page must contain the full postal address of your organization: country, city, street, house, zip code, floor, office number.

This is especially important if your products cannot be purchased virtually. If there are several representative offices in the company, there are branches in different cities, indicate the full addresses of each. Even better, supplement them with photographs of building facades, this will greatly simplify the search for the client.  

Verbal description of the passage and map 

A clear description and a map saves a lot of time explaining to each client how to find you. By the way, the detailed description is indexed. 

Do not use a regular screen from Google Maps, your version should be interactive so that it is convenient for the client to figure out his path. For example, create it using the Yandex.Maps or Google Maps API.

Indicate the nearest metro stations from the office, public transport route numbers. Illustrate a possible customer journey with photographs or record a short video.   

Office hours 

The client does not have to guess when you can be contacted or visited. Describe in detail the work schedule, the time of receiving calls, the features of interaction on weekends and holidays. Don’t forget to include your time zone to avoid embarrassing situations. And for those who decide to contact you outside of working hours, it is better to launch the callback option. 

E-mail on the website domain

Email is also a fairly common method of communication. Be sure to include email addresses and write down who and on what issue to contact. It is better if the addresses are short and memorable. Do not forget to list the addresses of all departments and branches. Separate E-mail can be created for advertising, media, resumes of applicants.  

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Social networks

Highlight the social networks of your company as a separate block. They help users learn more about you, and they’re also a great alternative way to get in touch. It’s good if you have active pages on different social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Instagram. 

Contacts of key persons

People are comfortable communicating with other people, give customers this opportunity. Indicate the last names, first names and patronymics of key employees of the company. Opposite each contact – position, phone number, e-mail. Add a photo and a short description of what exactly the person in the company is responsible for, in what matters he is competent. 

how to design the Contacts page

Contact form

A convenient way for customers to communicate. They don’t even have to open their mail to write to you. Choose the most simple contact form, without numerous tedious fields to fill out. A window is enough to enter a message, name and phone (or mail) of a person.  

Be sure to indicate legal data and bank details: the legal name of the organization, PSRN, TIN, KPP, legal and postal addresses, current account, correspondent account, BIC, full name of the general director. This builds trust among customers and search engines.

Where to place the “Contact” page on the site

The user does not want to experience difficulties in finding contact information. It should be located in a prominent place in the site menu so that the page visitor can get to it with one click. Also a good addition would be to place this block in the footer of the site.

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Tips for Designing the Contact Page

An important element that should not be neglected on the “Contacts” page is micro-markup. It helps search engines understand your company information correctly. Moreover, micro-markup helps to visually make the snippet more attractive. Examples of semantic markup can be found on the Schema service.

Also, don’t forget about settings that are important for SEO. Stick to the following points:

  • register a company in Yandex and Google directories;  
  • place “Contacts” in a separate section on the site – do not combine them with the page “About the company”;
  • provide a transition to the “Contacts” page in one click;
  • make sure the contact page has a relevant URL;
  • set the correct page title Title, Description meta tag and H1 title.

Analyze your target audience, this is what will help you create the most competent contact page. It may be worth emphasizing a detailed description of the driving directions. Or maybe virtual communication is typical for your business – then work on alternative ways of communication. Choose the most successful solutions, but remember – the “Contacts” page should not be neglected. The trust of your customers and ranking directly depends on it.

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