Who would have thought that the time will come when the adventures of Peppa Pig will bypass the estimates of the new releases of Battlefield , Call of Duty , and at the same time three remasters released under the Rockstar Games brand ? Not to mention that the game of the year for once claims the race. 


What remains stable now is the coronavirus restrictions and attempts by Todd Howard to sell us Skyrim. This is how it turned out, 2021. We have processed the results of the reader’s vote, decided on the choice ourselves and are ready to take stock. And you brew yourself a cup of tea and look both ways – you suddenly missed the fit. Snowy winter is a great time to play something interesting.

Best First-Person Action Game

Best First-Person Action

Nominees Resident Evil Village (40% user votes), Deathloop (25%), Halo Infinite (18%), Necromunda: Hired Gun (6%), Bright Memory: Infinite (5%), Far Cry 6 (3%) , Severed Steel (3%), Call of Duty: Vanguard (1%).

Readers ‘ Choice : Resident Evil Village 

Selecting the Techtiper team : Deathloop 

For the first time there was such a situation that the genre is large, but the choice is small. So much has already been said about the merits of the new releases of Call of Duty and Battlefield that I don’t want to swear again. 

And the traditional Far Cry in 2021 has faded somewhat against the background of the previous shooter in the series – rare plot inserts with Giancarlo Esposito do not save the game. So at the top there are two options for the development of the classics. 

Readers chose Resident Evil Village – a mixture of action and horror with a touch of Romanian pastoral and the best vampire ass in all the Carpathians. To the credit of the developers, their creation is remarkable not only for the forms of Lady Dimitrescu, so the first place here is well deserved.

Now let’s tell you a little secret: Halo Infinite and Deathloop received an equal number of votes from the Techtiper team. But since the star of the first shooter was not the Master Chief, but the multiplayer, we still support the next Arkane Studios experiment . 

Yes, this is not the third Dishonored and not the second Prey , but the lion’s share of the game’s plot is presented in the form of notes due to the time loop – there are enough questions for the action movie. On the other hand, the adventures of the dashing gunslinger Colt unfold in expertly crafted levels. 

And the combat system is on top – sometimes more is not required from representatives of the genre. Finally, it is worth noting the ideological and artistic originality. It’s great that Harvey Smith’s team(Harvey Smith) continues to place accents in his own way, without regard to global trends.

Best Third-Person Action

Best Third-Person Action Game

Nominees Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (37%), Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (15%), HITMAN 3 (13%), Kena: Bridge of Spirits (10%), Returnal (10%), Lost Judgment (7 %), Persona 5 Strikers (3%), Monster Hunter Rise (3%), Biomutant (3%).

Readers ‘ Choice : Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy .

Techtiper Collective Choice : Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy .

In 2021, there were no nuclear bombs of The Last of Us Part II caliber . Well, okay. After all, games, like any other kind of art, are designed to sow reasonable, good, eternal, and not to demonstrate scenes that we would like to quickly unsee. 

With moral guidelines, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is in full order. This is a story about friendship and the fight against evil in a fantasy universe. To the sound of 80s rock music, Captain Peter Quill, the living tree Groot, the beautiful Gamora, the brute Drax and the mutant raccoon Rocket make their way through the war-ravaged galaxy. 

And on the way they fight, interrupted by tactical meetings. Developers from Eidos Montreal stood up for everything good, like a tightly knit plot and humor, throwing everything bad overboard – loot boxes, microtransactions, boredom to death. The result of this approach is clearly demonstrated by the voting results. And if you haven’t played Guardians yet, now is the time to catch up.

Best RPG

Best RPG Game

Nominees Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (30%), ATOM RPG: Trudograd (15%), The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante (13%), Black Book (12%), Tales of Arise (11%), Shin Megami Tensei V (6%), Scarlet Nexus (5%), Gamedec (3%), Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy (2%), Wildermyth (1%), NEO: The World Ends With You ( 1%), The Waylanders (1%), Bravely Default II (0%).

Readers ‘ Choice : Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous .

Team choice Techtiper: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous .

While Baldur’s Gate III is languishing in early access, scaring the townsfolk with bugs, fans of the genre are getting old school from the work of Russian developers from Owlcat Games . 

And in second place after Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous , according to a poll of readers, is ATOM RPG: Trudograd, and The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante got to the third place – these are also Russian RPGs. Hey, where did the western titans of role-playing thought go? This was definitely not the case in the game results of past years.

The second Pathfinder offers much the same as the first. Saving the world from demons, a meticulous character editor, freedom of roleplaying, the choice of lines in the dialogues is diverse enough to become a demon or an angel yourself, the combat system says hello to the Heroes, and there are also interesting partners who change under the blows of fate – everything here is like in people. 

Including isometric perspective, of course. The spirit of antiquity also blows from how hard after a night session in Wrath of the Righteous you wake up work or study.

Most Promising "Early Access"

Most Promising “Early Access” Game

Nominees: still Cyberpunk 2077 (37%), Valheim (21%), Subverse (11%), Darkest Dungeon II (10%), Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator (9%), Tiny Bunny (8%), Death Trash (3%), Everspace 2 (2%).

Readers’ Choice: Still Cyberpunk 2077 .

Selecting the Techtiper team : Valheim .

The folks at CD Projekt RED continue to assure us that Cyberpunk 2077 ‘s world is full of fun. But they do it without respect, which, judging by the promises, will arrive in time with patch 1.5 and free DLC – fans are waiting for this event like manna from heaven. 

In the meantime, there are very few hopes that the creation of the Poles will sparkle with new colors, the cops of Night City will learn something, the quests will become more interesting, and the child of the streets and the nomad are really different heroes. Nevertheless, I want to believe that the studio that gave us the third “The Witcher” will not lose face.

On the other hand, the Valheim phenomenon cannot be ignored . The game, created by a small team of five developers, has already broken the 8 million mark in sales, although it still hasn’t made it out of early access. 

And there seems to be nothing remarkable about it: the usual survival in an open world with random generation of biomes, and the graphics are such that Minecraft slept with Gothic . Know your own system, tame, kill, study, develop. 

But where else, tell me, will your character be flattened by a tree he cut down and smother the smoke from a fire lit in the house? Add a cooperative mode for ten people and you will get an indie project of a healthy person.

Best Platformer

Best Platformer Game

Nominees Psychonauts 2 (38%), Metroid Dread (27%), Little Nightmares II (22%), FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch (4%), Oddworld: Soulstorm (4%), They Always Run (2%) , Axiom Verge 2 (1%), Astalon: Tears of the Earth (1%).

Readers ‘ Choice : Psychonauts 2 .

Team choice Techtiper: Metroid Dread .

Olds here? Then you remember what effect the first Psychonauts had on those who did pass it. In the second part , Tim Schafer decided not to slow down: this is the same bright adventure full of psychedelic scenes and acrobatics, where you have to rush through left-handed levels and solve detective problems. 

And in the brains of interesting personalities, where the hero invades, there is still a mess, which gives a lot of aesthetic effects. In general, everything we love. Or rather, you love it, because the Techtiper team has a different favorite.

Among us, you know, there are also fathers who remember what makes the Metroid series so special . If Psychonauts 2 hints that we are all partly artists, then Metroid Dread knows for sure: every artist at a primitive level is a rat inside a maze. 

And pathfinding, accompanied by levels, fights, puzzles and obstacles, can be just as fun as jumping on giant teeth surrounded by acidic scenery. And even more, given the traditional approach of Nintendo to the quality of their products. 

One bad thing: Switch is still rare in our area, so masterpieces like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Metroid Dread are enjoyed by a minority of gamers.



Nominees: New World (100%).

Readers’ Choice: New World .

Selecting the Techtiper : New World .

Jeff Bezos is so cool that his company can do everything: open automated supermarkets, buy Hollywood studios like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , launch spacecraft and, of course, make games. 

Five years of development and a multi-million dollar budget resulted in an MMO with the ambitious name New World . True, there is little new in it: here is the same grind in every way, classes, factions, guilds, and in addition PvE and PvP against the backdrop of villages made using copy-paste. 

But in the editor you can fashion a woman with a beard. It turns out that for the happiness of the public and high online on Steam, a beautiful world is enough, the skill development system from The Elder Scrolls and battles without “target”, but with the control of action games from a third person. And so that there was no vile free play, of course.

The Best "ROGALE"

The Best “ROGALE” Game

Nominees: Loop Hero (32%), Returnal (29%), Inscryption (29%), Skul: The Hero Slayer (6%), Griftlands (5%), Rogue Lords (2%).

Readers’ Choice: Loop Hero .

Selecting the Techtiper : Returnal .

Saying a new word in an old genre can be very difficult. Nevertheless, Russian developers have managed to make a “bagel”, where not the algorithm, but you are responsible for all the meanders of your path. 

To revive the destroyed world and get to the next boss, you need to lay out territory cards with bonuses and enemies. And in between exploits, build a base and communicate with other tramps around the fire. 

Complementing the original idea of ​​”pixel” graphics and sensible scenario – Loop Hero has something to pay attention to. Fortunately, the public appreciates it.

But the rulers of thoughts, according to the results of the vote, value Returnal more . Slightly inferior to Loop Hero in terms of originality, this PlayStation 5 exclusive packs a punch. 

Everything fashionable is mixed here: almost circus acrobatics, a time loop, monster fiction, roguelike elements, arenas with waves of opponents, boss fights, a female lead, references to sci-fi in the style of Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury). 

The game seemed to be assembled according to the principle “What is better to take now”. Of the rudiments of the digital Paleolithic, the only ones here are “projectiles”, which were mentioned by a couple of affectionate Vasily Galperov in a video review . Still, PS5 would be available to everyone – and then, perhaps, disagreements in the nomination could have been avoided.



Nominees Age of Empires IV (51%), Humankind (25%), Jurassic World Evolution 2 (7%), Evil Genius 2: World Domination (6%), The Riftbreaker (6%), Old World (5%) , Nebuchadnezzar (1%).

Readers ‘ Choice : Age of Empires IV .

Team choice Techtiper : Age of Empires IV .

One gets the impression that even those who came to the computer club with their mouse to hack into StarCraft managed to forget about real-time strategies (they stole the ball from the government and dirt with hair inside). 

Something worthy in this genre comes out and is really extremely rare: a year ago, Iron Harvest from the KING Art studio lit up , and in 2021, fans were pleased by the Relic company , releasing Age of Empires IV . 

On the one hand, the developers managed to make it modern and beautiful, on the other hand, they brought to mind the little things that create the big picture. The only thing that to this day prevents the fourth “Age” from settling on all the computers in the world is its price.



Nominees King’s Bounty II (32%), Fights in Tight Spaces (18%), Ruined King: A League of Legends Story (18%), War Mongrels (9%), Disciples: Liberation (9%), Bravely Default II (6%), Gloomhaven (5%), Wildermyth (4%).

Readers’ Choice: King’s Bounty II .

Team choice Techtiper : Fights in Tight Spaces .

One hell knows how things are in the field of nanotechnology and space exploration, but in games, domestic development shows class. This is the third nomination where the decision of the public won the game made in Russia. 

With all the shortcomings of King’s Bounty II and “Prokhodnyak” from our site, there are fish for lack of fish and cancer. Yes, and nostalgia is a terrible force. When you are offered a couple of cherished words in the title, battles in the manner of classic turn-based tactics and a hero voiced by Vsevolod Kuznetsov , it’s hard not to succumb to temptation. Eh, our developers know their audience. How they look into the water.

Against the backdrop of such a combo , Fights inTight Spaces seems to be a much paler (literally!) And less famous contender. But it is this fusion of turn-based tactics, card game and kung fu action that will steal your time. Just compare the ratings of the two titles, see how much both cost on Steam, read the reviews. And then it will surely seem to you that at some point you have chosen the wrong item from the list, buying into a familiar brand.



Nominees Resident Evil Village (47%), Little Nightmares II (22%), The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes (14%), Tormented Souls (7%), The Medium (6%), Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (4%).

Readers ‘ Choice : Resident Evil Village.

Choice of the Techtiper team: Resident Evil Village .

Horror movies, like comedies, often serve as an indicator of the mood in society. When the world is drowning in absurdity, a loud resonance causes the release of the unfunny, but at the same time witty satire “Don’t Look Up” . 

And when something in reality becomes scarier than the graphics on the screen, the entertainment industry slows down in terms of scare, as it did with horror films after World War II. It is unlikely that anyone will argue that Resident Evil Village  is more action than horror, despite werewolves, vampires, mutants, peasants and other attributes of the genre. 

And that the past year is not very rich in scary games. Nevertheless, the first place was given to a worthy work. The Japanese, unlike the authors of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, at least they tried to portray creepy creatures, confuse plot twists and create tension in battles with enemies.

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