The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the release of a software update for its smart watch Galaxy Watch4, which will be available for download from October 20 and will provide an additional level of personalization and functionality for the gadget.

As noted in the company, thanks to an even larger number of available dials and additional functions, the update allows the gadget to be fully consistent with the individuality and lifestyle.

With four new dial formats, one glance on the wrist is now enough to see the most important information

If a user wants to achieve a specific fitness goal or is just monitoring their health, then the Info Brick is for him, which displays key indicators, ranging from heart rate and stress levels to data on daily activity. Other watch faces can display the weather forecast, dashboard or live wallpaper, like the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 – with customization options.

You can now combine up to four additional features on a single Animals watch face, including battery level, reminders, messages, pedometer data, and more. You can choose a dynamic GIF image as the background for the My Photos + watch face.

In addition, with the update, even more Competition watch face animations are available on the device, allowing you to track your progress in an exercise. The selected animated character will follow every step of the challenge, from stretching before starting training to celebrating victory.

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