Tencent takes over 1C Entertainment – Cenega or Muve in new hands

Tencent takes over 1C Entertainment

Tencent , the Chinese giant, has officially taken over 1C Entertainment . The Polish development group has a lot of companies associated with players, including Cenega and Muve. The acquisition by Tencent is a significant event, but this alone is not expected to affect the further work of the companies subordinate to 1C Entertainment.

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Tencent acquires 1C Entertainment

Tencent, i.e. manufacturer of smartphone games (eg King of Glory) officially takes over 1C Entertainment. Thus, it complements the contract signed at the end of November last year . It is not known yet how the acquisition will affect the activities of the subordinate companies, but it may be an opportunity for their development. It is known, however, that all of them with the name 1C are to change it within six months, but it has not been specified yet.

We are happy to sign this agreement. This is an amazing opportunity for 1CE to fulfill our wildest dreams and aspirations on the gaming market. Our vision and passion will be supported by a leading company in the global video game market, and I am looking forward to this unique opportunity to work with Tencent and the best creative minds who contribute to their global ecosystem.

Tomasz Nieszporski, member of the board of 1C Entertainment.

Certain 1C Entertainment entities

Certain 1C Entertainment entities
  • QLOC , which provides the highest quality services to the biggest players in the video game industry – EA, Capcom, Warner Bros., CD PROJEKT RED, Activision, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and many others. QLOC’s extensive offer includes co-production, testing and game localization. The company’s achievements include such bestsellers as Devil May Cry, Dark Souls Remastered, Mortal Kombat, Cyberpunk 2077, Hellblade and many others.
  • Muve , which provides digital distribution services for video games through an extensive network of affiliate partners in Europe and also deals with retail sales of boxed and digital games as well as other physical products (including board games, gadgets).    
  • Cenega – a leading company in the video game distribution market in Central and Eastern Europe and the only company in the region offering such services in more than one country. The company’s activities also include the production and distribution of pop culture goods (e.g. puzzles, clothing, etc.) under the Good Loot brand and comprehensive marketing and PR services for digital products under the Yagamedia brand.

Source: Cenega press release

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