The Depp vs. Heard trial – the end of the media septic tank is near

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial is virtually complete. The lawyers of both sides delivered their final speeches on Friday, so the verdict on the loudest trial in recent years will be announced soon. However, the Depp versus Heard trial itself showed that passing sentences online became something obvious, although Internet users wanted no one to do it. At the same time, there has never been so much media hype around the pair of actors before.

The Depp vs. Heard Process – the closing talks are not the end of the story

The Depp vs. Heard trial
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Probably even people who do not follow what is happening in the United States now know that the Depp versus Heard process is a “hot topic.” The jury of seven began their deliberations after the concluding speeches were completed, but the result is yet to be known. 

Judge Penney Azcarate she also alerted the jury to the fact that the verdict in this case had to be unanimous and stressed that she knew how much sacrifice this case had cost them. The trial itself took six weeks and never made the headlines. 

The Internet has added its three cents here, or rather, it has significantly hit, mainly Amber Heard. There is a lot of controversy around the actress, and we know well that when Internet users start doing something, they do not give up. The web was flooded with memes from Heard, and Depp became somewhat of a hero.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Depp versus Heard trial itself is that the Internet community passed its verdict long ago . At the same time strongly emphasizing that Johnny Depp was unjustly and very quickly “extinguished” without an actual sentence. The whole thing has shown that such media trials do not benefit anyone, and certainly not those who take part in it. Let’s recall what the Depp vs. Heard case is about.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard – what is it?

Well, Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife and demanded 50 million dollars in damages for defamation. It’s about a 2018 article that appeared in The Washington Post magazine, where Amber Heard presented herself as a victim of domestic violence . The subject was picked up by the British The Sun and, without playing in half measures, he called Deppa a female boxer. 

This article contributed to the fact that Johnny Depp was very quickly “extinguished”, that is, kicked out of the cast of many films, and on top of that, he was stuck to a martyr. Depp sued The Sun, but that trial was unsuccessful because he was found to be violent. 

The trial in the United States is about something other than domestic violence, but it is a very important part of the whole.Amber Heard launched a $ 100 million counter suit accusing her ex-husband of the same. However, this whole process is more than just the money that plays a minor role here. The first violin is the public washing of dirt and an attempt to prove that the other side is wrong.

During the trial, jurors and the whole world got to know the versions of both sides. Now we can wait for the verdict, although probably everyone already has an opinion on this subject. Depp’s attorneys in their final speech argued that Heard’s accusations were a strong abuse and contributed to the end of the actor’s career in Hollywood . 

They also wanted to point out that the stake in this process is to restore the good name of the person who deserves it. Heard’s lawyers pointed out that Depp spoke about his ex-wife aggressively in his private messages and then showed his “real face”, so there is no question of defamation . Probably no one would like to be in the skin of jurors now, on whom the eyes of the whole world are turned.

The crowd is happy, which is a new kind of entertainment

It is known that Hollywood stars are people who generate great interest. Many people want to know as much as possible about them, but processes like this show that sometimes it’s better not to know. Because did we really want to hear about severed fingers, faeces or beatings? 

Of course, the topic of domestic violence itself should be publicized in the media, but here it turned into theater at its worst. On YouTube, the final speeches of both attorneys’ teams were watched by over 2 million people. 

Interestingly, the speech of Camille Vasquez (Depp’s defender) was watched three times more eagerly than the speech of the team responsible for Heard. This may already prove that the Internet community has issued its verdict.

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial

The Depp vs. Heard trial has already ruined the actors’ careers. The words that were said during the transmitted process will not be able to be forgotten, and even if someone tries, nothing is lost on the Internet. We do not want to and will not take sides here, because it is not our task, but only jurors who have been given access to all the evidence.

Both sides presented a lot of evidence that could be mutually exclusive on many issues. Witnesses were also called to refute some of the charges against Depp (by Kate Moss), and Heard herself was accused and proved a lie. All these acts of violence were spoken of as if they were part of another movie. Meanwhile, the problem of domestic violence is so serious that Amber Heard’s attitude cast a shadow on all victims. On the other hand, people started to talk a little more about the fact that violence against men is also a huge problem that is hardly mentioned at all.

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If Johnny Depp loses, the Internet will explode with anger – everyone is waiting for the verdict

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial

The verdict in the Depp vs. Heard trial should be fair and based on evidence presented in court. The Internet has already given its verdict, and Heard is to blame for everything. If the jurors decide otherwise, we will not be surprised if there are small riots in the streets in the United States. 

After all, the trial was watched by millions, and even in front of the court itself, there were real crowds of viewers. Has anything good come of this process? On the one hand, we have an increased awareness of domestic violence, but on the other hand, passing judgments and mocking memes. Each of the parties suffered image losses here, regardless of the judgment that will be issued.

Source: Law & Crime Network

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