The popularity of Google Maps exploded with the bombs in Ukraine – what about other services?

Google Maps in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is still going on, Russia is not giving up, but you can also see the increasing involvement of other countries. This act by Putin shows us how important technology is in today’s world. 

We have been observing this from the very beginning of the aggression from Russia, which has a direct impact on, among other things, how Google services are used today in the attacked country. The title Google Maps has now become one of the key platforms in Ukraine, while the popularity of others has clearly decreased.

Google Maps in Ukraine
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Record use of Google Maps in Ukraine – Sheets and Documents were put aside

popularity of Google Maps in Ukraine

One of the first reports of the movements of Russian troops, and later of escaping Ukrainians, were analyzed on the basis of Google Maps. Our neighbors started using this service three times more often, which should come as no surprise. However, not only maps have clearly gained in popularity. 

popularity of Google Groups in Ukraine

Similarly, the citizens of Ukraine got involved in Google Discussion Groups, where this time we are talking about an over 10x increase in interest. This is another point that should come as no surprise to anyone, as the flow of information must be lightning-fast and it is actually one of the best places for this purpose.

popularity of Google Sheets in Ukraine

By contrast, but again not surprisingly, Google Sheets and Docs has practically stopped launching in Ukraine. Naturally, the use of these services is irrelevant today. Google Sheets and Docs is geared more towards work and study, and this one has gone by the wayside today. Today’s use of these platforms is completely different.

popularity of Google Docs in Ukraine

If you are interested in analyzing the traffic and use of Google services not only in the context of Ukraine, the company has been keeping relevant statistics since 2020. 

All you need to do is enter the Google Transparency Report to track individual changes. You will also learn about other problems with accessing individual solutions. Overall, this is an interesting place from an analytical point of view.

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