The USA is afraid of Russian hackers – Biden made the appeal

USA is afraid of Russian hackers

Due to the ever stronger sanctions by the US, the risk of retaliation by Russia is increasing. It may not threaten America too much in economic matters, but it is not the case in cyberspace. That is why US President Joe Biden warned US business leaders to immediately strengthen the cyber defenses of their companies. These are likely to fall victim to attacks.

The US is afraid of Russian hackers

The US is afraid of Russian hackers

And these are not just speculations. It turns out that such a scenario results from the analysis of US intelligence data. As Biden said in his statement:

My administration will continue to use all tools to deter, disrupt and, if necessary, respond to cyber attacks on critical infrastructure. However, the federal government cannot defend itself against this threat. I urge our private sector partners to step up cyber defense immediately. The scale of Russia’s cybernetic capabilities is quite significant and is fast approaching. The point is that Vladimir Putin has such opportunities. He hasn’t used them yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

On the occasion, the US government issued an information brochure with guidelines for US organizations that should help reduce Russian cyber attacks

Some of the recommendations include implementing multi-factor systems authorization, updating the latest patches, conducting emergency drills, and contacting local FBI or CISA offices prior to any cyber incidents.

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It is worth remembering here that not only the USA may become the target of such attacks, but all countries strongly involved in supporting Ukraine. One of them is undoubtedly Poland, which not only accepts refugees, but is also the main logistics center for sending support in the form of supplies and equipment to the Ukrainian side. 

No wonder that during the last PKP accident it was the cyberattack by Russia that was the first thought that occurred to many people . And although no major attack has been carried out on our infrastructure so far, such a scenario should be taken into account.

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