Biden Says 'Tentative' Deal

Reached To Avert

Rail transport Strike

Biden announced it had reached a "Tentative" agreement to avert a national rail strike that threatened the nation's economy.

President Biden claimed that the agreement would provide the workers "Better pay, improved working conditions, and peace of mind around their health care costs".

Negotiators had until Friday at 12:01 a.m. to reach a deal to avoid a major impact to the economy.

After 20 straight hours of negotiations between train firms and union negotiators, a settlement "That balances the needs of workers, businesses, and our nation's economy" was reached on Thursday morning.

"Secretary Walsh and the Biden administration applaud all parties for reaching this hard-fought, mutually beneficial deal," a labor official said.

"Our rail system is integral to our supply chain, and a disruption would have had catastrophic impacts on industries, travelers and families across the country."

Two of the largest and most politically powerful unions representing railroad workers said they strike if the carriers did not allow them to call out of work.

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