Bim Afolami: Tory vice chair resigns from party role LIVE ON AIR

 RESIGNS live on TalkTV as pressure piles on embattled Boris Johnson

He says he ‘can’t serve’ under Boris Johnson

There was a moment of silence on the show as both Mr Afolami and host Tom Newton Dunn

The vice chair was forced into tendering his resignation. Mr Afolami said after the shock, “look, I think you have to resign”.

TalkTV host said: “You’re the vice chairman of the Conservative Party.”

Mr Afolami responded: “Well, probably not after saying that.”

TalkTV host, taken aback, then said: “Alright, well you’re not resigning as vice chairman of the Party, are you?”

Then Mr Afolami said: “Well, look, I think you have to resign. You have to resign because I can’t serve under the Prime Minister.”