Brad Pitt is still in love with the 'Bullet Train' smart toilet

By Param Flora

Sept 25, 2022

Brad Pitt has a love story in "Bullet Train," the comedy thriller that gets its digital release Tuesday.

Pitt's character, Ladybug, becomes instantly enamored with the high-tech smart toilet aboard the film's Japanese high-speed train.

"I was like, we have got to make a smart toilet," Pitt tells USA TODAY.

"That was 100% Brad," says director David Leitch, who recalls being busy on the set when an excited Pitt hurriedly approached him. "

(Pitt) just kept saying 'smart toilet' and then, 'I need to be playing with a smart toilet!' And then I was like, 'Smart toilet!'

And was on the phone with the art department saying we need a smart toilet here tomorrow."

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