Lindsay Arnold, a pro on "Dancing with the Stars," won't take part in season 31.

Lindsay Arnold said, "This show has changed my life forever and will always mean the world to me,".

Depicting her choice to miss the upcoming season as "one of the hardest decisions to make,"

The dancer made sense of in a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday that she is zeroing in on her family during this time.

"My family and I live in UT and in order to do DWTS I have to move myself and my daughter Sage out to LA and leave behind my husband Sam who works full time here in Utah," she shared.

Arnold and her husband Sam Cusick welcomed daughter Sage in November 2020.

"It's so important to me that you understand none of this has anything to do with my love for the show as that will NEVER change and it also doesn't mean that this is the end for me and DWTS," she Added. "

Members from the "DWTS" family took to the comments to share their support for Arnold and her family's choice.

Arnold was joined "Dancing With the Stars" during the show's 16th season, which aired in 2013.

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