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Reprobed Review

Destroy All Humans 2!


Destroy All Humans! 2 is a game that I have fond memories of growing up and playing with my siblings.

White Lightning
White Lightning

The first Destroy All Humans remake was an unexpected but faithful translation of that cult game.

White Lightning
Orange Lightning

The saucer is still faster than it was in the originals, with welcome defensive options and the ability to more accurately aim its weapons.

They also impressively don’t fade away during their flight, meaning it’s possible and quite satisfying to see the target explode on the ground a mile away.

White Lightning

However, it is also unremarkable because of how familiar it is. 2006’s Destroy All Humans 2 was a clear and substantial upgrade.

In truth, there are cracks that do suggest the age of Destroy All Humans!

White Lightning

PROS – Joyous and frictionless to play – Doesn’t outstay its welcome – Has superb creativity CONS – Humour and story have dated – Some small signs of age


Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed is great entertainment, and will give you plenty of reasons to keep playing. Weapons and movement let down by a few cracks, and the story being a bit old-fashioned.


Orange Lightning

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