Har Ghar Tiranga: Know 15 important rules and guidelines for hoisting the National Flag Tricolor

Har Ghar Tiranga: Advisory

If you are also planning to hoist the tricolor in your house, then you should know the rules and regulations related to it. You can also be jailed for insulting it.

1. The tricolor can be hoisted in the open for 24 hours.

It should be hoisted with full respect.The tricolor should not be soaked in water, nor should it be damaged in any way.

2. Earlier, flag made of machine and made of polyester was not allowed.

But now the tricolor made of cotton/ polyester/ wool/ silk khadi made by hand or machine can also be hoisted at your home.

3. The government allowed the tricolor to be hoisted at any time.

Earlier, the tricolor was allowed to be hoisted only from sunrise to sunset.

Shape of National flag Tiranga

4. The shape of the flag should be rectangular.

The ratio of National Flag

5. The ratio of its length and breadth should be 3 : 2.

Measurement of Ashoka Chakra

6. There is no fixed measurement of Ashoka Chakra, only it is necessary to have 24 spleens.

Condition of National Flag on Check

7. The tricolor should never be hoisted torn or untidy.

Tricolor not as uniform

8. The tricolor cannot be used in any type of uniform.

Tricolor at height form Ground

9. Under no circumstances should the tricolor touch the ground.

Higher than any other flag

10. No other flag can be placed or raised higher than the national flag.

Insulting is punishable offense

11. Insulting, shall be punishable with imprisonment of either for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.

illegal to make or write anything

12. It is illegal to make or write anything on the flag.

Should be destroyed in a secluded manner

13. If the flag is torn or becomes dirty, then it should be destroyed in a secluded manner.

Do not throw or damage

14. The tricolor has to be kept folded with full respect. Do not throw or damage.

If the tricolor gets dirty

15. If the tricolor gets dirty or torn over time, in such a situation, disposal has to be done very carefully.


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