JayDaYoungan’s Father Says TMZ, Rapper Was Fatally Ambushed by 5 Gunmen

-Param Flora

JayDaYoungan was shot in Louisiana

According to TMZ , JayDaYoungan's dad said that his son was fatally ambushed by 5 gunmen while the rapper and his father were sitting in the front yard of their home evening  of July 27 in Bogalusa, La.

3 people with firearms

Kenyatta Scott, reportedly told the TMZ that he and Jay were in the front yard when a black truck pulled up and three people jumped out with firearms

2 more people with guns

As they tried to run inside the house, rapper's father said that two more people with guns approached from the side of the home and opened fire.

JayDaYoungan's dad was armed

The late JayDaYoungan's dad was armed as well and was able to shoot back.

JayDaYoungan was hit 8 times

Unfortunately JayDaYoungan was hit at least eight times while his father was shot twice in the arm.

Rapper has died

The 24-year-old rapper succumbed to his injuries and died. Meanwhile, Scott his father remains hospitalized and is in stable condition.

Rapper murdered out of jealousy

JayDaYoungan's dad Scott said he believes his son was murdered out of jealousy.

JayDaYoungan didn’t have enemies

JayDaYoungan didn’t have any enemies, according to his father Scott. His father doesn’t think the shooting was gang-related.