Insider suggests "GTA 6" is "feature complete" from leaked videos

1. "Grand Theft Auto 6" is a highly awaited video game.

2.  An industry insider, Tez2, reported a major development related to the game.

3. The insider stated that the game is "feature complete."

4. The information is based on videos leaked and analyzed by Tez2.

5. Tez2's analysis of the leaked videos shows the game's CPU and GPU specifications.

6. The developers are said to be fine-tuning the game for a "content complete" state.

7. Tez2's report implies that an announcement of "GTA 6" may be near, with the potential for a release date reveal.

8. No official confirmation has been made by Rockstar Games.

9.  Rockstar Games first acknowledged the game's development on February 4, 2022.

10. The official announcement of "GTA 6" could happen soon, potentially during Take-Two's upcoming earnings call.