Maren Morris Reveals She Auditioned for ‘American Idol’ - Reveals Song She Performed

Maren Morris's Mom Found Her American Idol Audition Ticket from 2007

Though she didn’t make it past the audition, her mom, Kellie, saved the important memory for her to look back on.

“My mom found my American Idol audition ticket from 2007. I didn’t make it past the first round cattle call,” Morris captioned

“I wasn’t really into sports growing up, but this feels like the equivalent of your mom saving your 10th place trophy." - she added

In the comments “what was your audition song?” to which she replied “‘Sweet Thing’ by Chaka Khan and I SLAYED.”

“It was all a no,” she confessed, confirming she didn’t make it past the first round during any of the auditions.


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