Taylor Swift joins Haim on stage in London surprises fans

Taylor Swift surprises fans with ‘Love Story,’ ‘Gasoline’ mash-up at HAIM concert

The HAIM were midway through performing their hit Gasoline 02 Arena, when they introduced Swift on Stage

Introducing Swift, Alana said: “Wait, you guys. We’re in London, we can’t play London without bringing out a special guest.

Taylor Swift noted she hadn’t “been on stage in a very long time” but that “it’s very nice [to be back]”.

Swift added: “When I heard my girls were playing in London at the O2, I thought, I’m going to have to see that. And it looks like there’s about 20,000 other people who also thought that.

“So we had a thought. If we were to do some sort of mash-up, we could possibly maybe get you to sing the loudest you have sung all night.

“Which is a big challenge because you have been singing very loudly – extraordinary work.”

The pals performed a mash-up of Gasoline and Swift’s 2016 solo hit Love Story much to the crowd’s delight.

Their coordinating stage outfits, which compromised of black tops and leather high-waisted trousers is trending now.

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