'The Last Of Us' Trailer: HBO Series First Look At Joel And Ellie

By Param Flora

Sept 27, 2022

HBO released the first trailer for its highly anticipated original series The Last of Us on Monday.

The adaptation of the popular, post-apocalyptic video game. The show premieres in 2023.

Just like the game, “The Last of Us” series follows a hardened survivor named Joel, played by “The Mandalorian” .

Star Pedro Pascal, as he journeys across a United States decimated by a deadly disease called the cordyceps fungus.

The saga also introduces a new character: Kathleen is the "Ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement in Kansas City.

Gamers will recognize key symbols and all-too-familiar moments from the game.

The series does not appear to include any of the events of The Last of Us Part II, the 2020 sequel to the original game.

The trailer ends with a dramatic quote from an unidentified character, seemingly talking to Joel about Ellie.


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