Who could benefit if Biden announce Student loan forgiveness ?

Student loan forgiveness

Here's who could benefit assuming Biden cancels $10,000 in educational loan per borrower.

Planning to announce

The President is planning to announce his decision on Monday, Forgiveness plan may leave out some of the 43 million borrowers

 $10,000 per person

Biden might restrict the relief to $10,000 per person, as well as prohibit richer borrowers.

What we know so far ?

who could benefit if the President takes steps to cancel more student loan debt

Relief for those earning less than $125,000

Excluding borrowers who earn more than $125,000 a year, is one way Biden could narrow student debt relief.

How many households could benefit?

Most households would still not benefit, Only about 18% of households with incomes above $125,000 have student debt.

How much debt could be canceled?

The White House has long maintained that the President would support canceling $10,000 per borrower.

One-third of the debt relief would go to who earn less than $50,795 a year. More than half would go to those earning between $50,795 and $141,096. and Roughly 14% would go to households earning more than $141,096 a year.

Who would see the biggest benefit?