Xerox CEO John Visentin dies unexpectedly at the age of 59 from an ongoing illness.

Visentin had been hired as a consultant by Icahn to assist in his campaign against Xerox.

Mr. Visentin, was became C.E.O. in May 2018 and was also the vice chairman of Xerox

Under Mr. Visentin’s helm, the company also tried to make inroads in 3-D printing.

Xerox described Mr. Visentin in its statement as a leader “who navigated the company through unprecedented times and challenges.”

Despite being married and having five kids, John Visentin has kept their identities a secret.

Steve Bandrowczak, the president and chief operating officer at Xerox, will serve as its interim C.E.O., the company said.

“John’s vision was clear, and the Xerox team will continue fulfilling it — not only to deliver on our commitments to our shareholders, customers and partners, but also to pursue John’s legacy,” - Mr. Bandrowczak