What is Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a method or rather even a technology for demonstrating content on digital media. Since we are talking about technology, there is also a special technique that uses this technology: it is called “Digital Signage equipment” or simply Digital Signage . It is widely used in modern marketing and offline advertising. DS appliances are installed in shops, showrooms, shopping and business centers, in all kinds of customer service centers, in office premises, on the streets, found in museums, hotels, at exhibitions and in car dealerships.

To learn more about Digital Signage devices, we turned to the GRAMAT system integrator , which, among other things, offers solutions of this format. In-house specialists answered our questions, told about the types of equipment and the specifics of its use

What is Digital Signage

Digital Signage Equipment

Digital Signage modules are multifunctional multimedia units, which are mainly represented by monitors for broadcasting advertisements. As we have already noted, they are installed outdoors and indoors. Outdoor advertising monitors are often larger. Their body has increased strength, is equipped with hydro and thermal insulation, and there is anti-vandal protection.

Indoor monitors are less protected than outdoor monitors. They are equipped with bright high-definition displays, designed for closer contact with the viewer. Dimensions of monitors for advertising in stores, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. depend on the area and geometry of these premises, on the connectivity and where the media can technically be positioned to maximize the reach of the target audience.

Many commercial property owners purchase monitors for outdoor and indoor advertising. This approach expands the audience, allows you to attract the largest number of potential customers, but it also costs significantly more.

Information broadcast by devices

As a rule, such monitors are used to broadcast advertisements. It can be:

  • Image images designed to increase the prestige of an object or create a special atmosphere.
  • Advertising in various directions.
  • Information that influences behavioral factors, such as attracting visitors to a specific area.
  • Profitable offers, data on discounts and promotions.
  • Detailed information about the promoted product, for example, a car or a bank deposit.
What is Digital Signage

In addition to advertising, Digital Signage is used to demonstrate information content of a wide variety of purposes. What could it be:

  • Public information represented by news, background information, data on the location of emergency exits, toilets and first-aid posts (if we are talking about premises).
  • Intracorporate news, information for employees of an enterprise (in an organization, at a large enterprise, etc.).
  • Useful tips and tricks, recipes (for example, the cooking process can be broadcasted in restaurants or cafes).
  • Information about the exhibit or event (in museums, exhibitions and other cultural events).

Outdoor advertising monitors have replaced static banners and posters. Yes, the use of Digital Signage is more expensive than installing one set of outdoor advertising, but this solution is considered more effective and has a shorter payback period when broadcasting the proper level of content.

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