Terrible things happen: what to do if your laptop is water damaged?

Immediate Measures After Spilling the Water


The truth is nobody likes to think about the possibility that one of their computers could be damaged. It’s always exciting when a new one comes in, and you get to see how functional they are. Still, it’s never fun to deal with a water-damaged laptop! Here are seven quick fixes and steps you can take that will help get things back up and running as quickly as possible.

Immediate Measures After Spilling the Water

laptop is water damaged
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Shutdown the Machine as Fast as Possible

Shut down the computer, remove all power cords and batteries, disconnect any cables from your keyboard or mouse (if you use them), unplug it from its power source—and then place it somewhere where there’s no water-saturated material present.

If you’re in a situation where this is not possible, don’t panic: You can still get data off using hard drive specialized tools like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.

Remove All Peripherals and Turn the Machine Upside-Down

Leave it to dry for 24 hours. If you can’t turn it upside-down, leave it in a safe, dry location (not on an open windowsill or near any flammable substances).

Place It In a Safe, Dry Location if Possible

The first thing you should do if your laptop is water damaged is to place it in a safe, dry location. You should not expose any part of the computer to heat or use an excessive amount of force while trying to turn it on. This process may also be dangerous because it could damage other parts of your device and cause more damage than was originally incurred by submerging water.

Do not try turning on your laptop until after all liquid has dried completely. If possible, wait 24 hours before using it again after taking out all liquids from inside the machine.

Breaking Your Laptop Down

Breaking Your Laptop Down
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Open the Laptop and Remove the Battery

The first step to fixing a laptop is opening it up and removing the battery. If you’re lucky, this won’t be necessary—but if you have a water-damaged computer, it’s worth making sure that no liquid has come into contact with the outside of your machine’s case.

Wipe Every Trace of Visible Water up With a Clean Cloth

If there is visible water, wipe it up with a clean cloth. Do not use a vacuum cleaner or other appliance that could damage your laptop’s internal components. Also, do not put your laptop in direct sunlight or expose it to heat sources such as heating vents and air conditioners for long periods; this may cause permanent damage to the computer’s hardware and software. It is important that you take pictures of how everything looks after drying so that you’ll know what needs replacing later on!

Remove Any Liquid That Has Come into Contact With the Outside of the Machine’s Case

Once you’ve removed any visible liquid, use a clean cloth to wipe away any remaining moisture. If you can’t see the water, it’s not going to come off and your laptop is more likely to be damaged by removing it than leaving it where it is.

Clean Away Any Visible Residue With a Clean Cloth

When you’ve spotted the damage, use a clean, dry cloth to remove any visible residue. Avoid rubbing too hard or using paper towels as they may cause further damage by leaving behind the debris. Don’t use chemicals like window cleaner; they can also leave behind residue that will interfere with your efforts to repair the laptop.

If you have access to a vacuum cleaner, try pulling out any damp spots with its suction power; this will help clear out the water and reveal any hidden damage underneath it.

If the laptop was submerged for only a short period of time and dried thoroughly (48 hours), it should be able to be used again without an issue.

If your laptop was submerged longer than 24 hours and still isn’t working properly after drying thoroughly, then there’s more work that needs to be done on it before you can use it again. If that’s the case, reach out to us, and let’s get your laptop fixed quickly. 

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Waterproofing Options

We advise purchasing a keyboard cover for your laptop to guard it against potential liquid spills in the future. Alternatively, go one step further and purchase a complete casing for your laptop’s top and bottom exteriors. Use an excellent laptop bag to transport your gadget for an additional degree of security. Make sure your cover never blocks your laptop’s ventilation holes. If it does, cut the skin of the cover using scissors to leave the ventilation space unobstructed.

Consider a ruggedized laptop if you work in an environment where spills and wetness are frequent. It can be difficult to prevent spills, but this tablet has additional safeguards like a sealed keypad to help.

Restoring the damaged device

You don’t have to worry about lost information. Your device can still be restored. Here are 6 steps to recover data from a water-damaged hard drive:

  • Take immediate care of the water-damaged hard drive.
  • Try not to reconnect the hard disk.
  • Never use a hair dryer or the sun to dry the hard drive.
  • Keep the drive’s covering in place.
  • Rinse it gently in cool, clean water before putting it in a Ziploc bag.
  • Give a data recovery expert the drive.
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Laptop repair is not always possible, but it can be done. If the laptop is still under warranty, get it repaired. If not, consider buying a new one instead of paying for repair costs that won’t be covered by your warranty.

If you accidentally drop your laptop and it gets water damage, don’t panic! You’ll be able to fix this problem yourself if you know what to do—and there are plenty of resources online with step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do so (we’d recommend visiting our page dedicated specifically to fixing every kind of device).

Some issues, however, are not very easy to fix and would require professional hands to handle them. Good Zone Repairs and Services has some of the most experienced engineers in the industry, as well as the most trusted iPhone Repair shop in NYC. We’re here to help if any of your devices are in need of repairs or replacement of parts, including laptops as well as phone devices including Samsung repairs, iPad repairs, and iPhone repairs. 

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