Ukraine asks Tim Cook for a blockade : Will Russia Cope Without Apple?

Ukraine asks Tim Cook

As the saying goes? All hands on deck? It is definitely needed today in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

That is why all hands on board, so there are more and more voices to exclude Russia from the most important events, services and systems . They also include the Apple ecosystem, so Ukraine is asking Tim Cook to cut off the aggressor.

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Tim Cook asked to block Russia from Apple services

Today, there are over 50,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine, who are constantly attacking the bravely defending capital. The Americans have already prepared a package of sanctions that are to hit the richest Russians, but this, of course, is not enough . 

Is the request of one of Ukraine’s deputy prime ministers more appropriate? It all depends, but for sure every attempt is important. In this particular case, Mykhailo Federov asked Tim Cook to exclude Russians from all Apple services, including App Stor. 

Ukraine asks Tim Cook for a blockade
WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 24 Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

This is how it will be felt not only by the richest, but also by all Russians who use American devices. There are quite a few of these. Looking at the latest smartphone sales data, Samsung is at the top, followed by Xiaomi and then Apple with iPhones. Only at the back of your head you have to say that tablets, laptops and computers are also mentioned.

Such a move will make the world feel the reaction of the world to Russia’s attack on Ukraine by everyone. Of course, not only supporters of the attack will notice it, but also its opponents. This, unfortunately, is a price and a compromise faced by the biggest and most important heads in the world. In your opinion, could such a move have a real resonance with the Russian community? Let me know what you think about this type of sanctions and how do you rate them? Maybe you have more interesting ideas in this matter?

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