- Sankkesh Verma

Google announced Android 13 

Google has decided to list the 13 most important of them that will appear in Android 13

1. Google's Material You 

In Android 13, it will be possible, apps to adapt your phone’s wallpaper theme and colors.

Personalized to you

2. Multilingual : Android 13

Assign specific languages to individual apps and can keep your phone’s system in one language.

3. An updated media player

Multimedia player will adapt its appearance and style to the played content. and the play bar itself will "dance".

4. Your wellbeing is important

The customize Bedtime modes, including dimming wallpapers or adjusting the dark mode. 

5. Select only the specific media

You won't need to share the entire media library they want to access with your apps. 

Security in Android 13 Keeping you protected and secure

6. Prevent unwanted access to clipboard

If you copy sensitive data like email, phone or login credentials on your device, Android will automatically clear your clipboard after a period of time.

7. You only get the alerts you ask for

The apps you download will now need your explicit permission to send notifications, and the default consent to send notifications will disappear.

8. Action with Spatial Audio

Android 13 will allow the use of the Spatial Audio shifts that adapts to the user's head movements. Of course, you will need compatible headphones.

9. Communication between the smartphone and the Chromebook

Soon, you'll be able to stream your messaging apps directly to your Chromebook so you can send and receive messages from your laptop.

10. Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio will be the new Bluetooth audio standard for Android 13

11. Transfer copied content

Android 13 will also allow (soon) to transfer copied content from the phone to the tablet.

Android tablets 13 also with new features

12. The appearance of the tablets

The new taskbar is to allow better and faster access to all applications, but also easier to "drag" them in split screen mode.

13. Register your palm and stylus pen

Android tablets will register your palm and stylus pen as separate touches.