Android 13 now officially – 13 features that will appear in the new system

Google has officially released Android 13 and that’s good news, although of course it will be some time before the appropriate update reaches users. However, some smartphone manufacturers have already prepared beta versions of the software that can be tested on devices. So let’s check which manufacturers it is about and, of course, what’s new with Android 13.

Android 13 officially – list of news

Android 13 officially - list of news

Yesterday, August 15 , Google announced that Android 13 has already been officially released. Thus, the great tests of the new version of the software began, which is to bring a lot of news. Google has decided to list the 13 most important of them that will appear in Android 13. The company has listed what can be expected from the new iteration of the system, and we can expect quite a lot.

Android 13 appearance and functionality

Android 13 appearance and functionality
  • Android 13 brings changes in terms of appearance and develops Google’s Material You philosophy. Thus, the entire system is to be more coherent and transparent. In Android 13, it will be possible to adapt not only the main Google applications to the selected color theme or wallpaper, but also third-party applications. Thanks to this, the entire system is to be consistent, and at the same time still in the style chosen by the user.
  • Another novelty in Android 13 will be the ability to select the language not only for the entire phone, but also for individual applications. So it will be possible to set the system language other than for specific applications, which will certainly be a useful function for people who are learning a given language or are new to a certain country.
  • Changes are also waiting in the media player. Well, Android 13 and its multimedia player will adapt its appearance and style to the currently played content (music or podcasts). The player will also be able to show the album art and the play bar itself will “dance”. This is to work not only in the player itself, but also with multimedia launched using the Chrome browser.
  • Google is still planning to take care of its users’ health, so Android 13 will also bring some improvements in this matter. Here, the company focused on healthy sleep, which in this case translates into more possibilities of adjusting the sleep modes, including dimming wallpapers or adjusting the dark mode. Thanks to this, the user will not be so tired of the eyes during the night hours, and the screen should not offend and allow for better getting used to the darkness. It will also be helpful when we wake up at night to check the time.

Security in Android 13

  • In terms of security, Android 13 also brings some changes. You won’t need to share the entire media library they want to access with your apps. It will be possible to do it on selected films or photos.
  • It will also be a nice change that the data copied to the clipboard on the phone will be automatically cleared from it after some time. We are talking about confidential data such as e-mail address, telephone number or login details. Such automatic cleaning is actually something that can be useful, because the copied information can sometimes “hang” in the phone’s memory for a very long time.
  • Android 13 is once again a change to the application notification system. This means better control over what will appear on the phone. The user will be able to choose exactly what notifications are of interest to him and the default consent to send notifications will disappear.

Multimedia and music in Android 13

  • Google has also prepared news for music lovers, or at least for people who need better sound quality. Android 13 will allow the use of the surround sound function that adapts to the user’s head movements. Of course, you will need compatible headphones for this, but the impressions are supposed to be very good.
  • Android 13 is also expected to bring better communication between the smartphone and the Chromebook. Soon, the possibility of streaming the chat application is to be available so that you can reply to messages on the laptop without having to switch to the smartphone.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio will be the new Bluetooth audio standard for Android 13, and this one is designed to provide lower audio latency. This will translate into better synchronization with the sound source, but also better quality and the ability to transmit sound to multiple devices at the same time.

Android tablets 13 also with new features

  • Android 13 will also allow (soon) to transfer copied content from the phone to the tablet. We are talking here about, for example, website addresses, but also the texts or photos themselves. Of course, this is supposed to work both ways, i.e. we will paste the things copied on the tablet on the Android phone.
  • The appearance of the system on tablets will also be redesigned. The new taskbar is to allow better and faster access to all applications, but also easier to “drag” them in split screen mode.
  • At the same time, the tablets will be able to save the hand and the stylus as separate screen touches. This is to limit the situations when, while working with the stylus, we accidentally touch the screen with our hand, so there will be no more such random traces or there will be definitely fewer of them.
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Which smartphones can already use Android 13?

As usual in such situations, Google first provides a new system for its devices from the Pixel series . It is also known that Samsung has launched the One UI 5.0 beta , which is based on the new Google system, but also Xiaomi has made MUIU 13 available for Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro smartphones. List of Xiaomi, POCO and Redmi devices that are targeting Android 13.

This year, access to Android 13 is to be granted to devices from the following manufacturers: ASUS, Nokia, iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno and vivo . However, it is difficult to say now exactly when this might happen. Now you can only wait for updates, which will not start appearing too soon – that is, in the old way with Google.

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